Home Events Hurry to the 2011 Singularity Summit for an “intelligence explosion”

Hurry to the 2011 Singularity Summit for an “intelligence explosion”


Want to have a glance at what tomorrow’s technology looks like? Here’s your chance.

As a part of National Science Week, the “Singularity Summit” is a gathering in Melbourne of leading scientists, inventors and philosophers where the upcoming “intelligence explosion” (as they have penned it) will be discussed.

Does it include robots? Yes it does.

Artificial intelligence, or super-human machines if you want to be technical.

Preceding this summit, the Australian premiere of documentary “Transcendent Man” with recent Time Magazine cover star Ray Kurzweil will air on August 19.

The screening will include a prerecorded address and a Q&A session for Australia from Mr. Kurzweil and the film’s producer, Barry Ptolemy. Internationally renowned Artificial Intelligence experts featured include Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. Steve Omohundro.

Those experts and more will also be speaking at the 2011 Summit. What else will be at the summit? Robots. You don’t have to ask me twice!

Ethical and philosophical dimensions of this “intelligence explosion” and all of the very latest tech research will be among the topics discussed at the summit.

WHO: 2011 Singularity Summit

WHERE: RMIT University, Melbourne

WHEN: August 20-21

For more information on how you can be a part of the summit, visit http://summit2011.singinst.org.au/