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How to harness the power of cuteness to reach new markets [VIDEO]


Not everyone listens to chorale music.

But, by the power of cuteness and YouTube one choir, Australian Voices, has managed to become the latest viral video. In the past 11 days this video has had an average of more than 100,000 view a day.

Australia Voices is a chorale group based out of Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium but, the choir members are from around the country. And, their voices and range is stunning. The multiple award winning ensemble has travelled the world to much acclaim.

So, how did the choir director and conductor Gordon Hamilton, get the idea for this song, ‘The nine cutest things that have ever happened‘? It turns out that he was looking over BuzzFeed with the choir producer Scott Griffin. They were looking for inspiration when they came across a post called ‘The 50 cutest things that have ever happened’.

With the abundance of cuteness presented to them, they set about writing a pseudo-religious chant that sounds like a psalm that may be sung at a church. It’s amazing, haunting and, of course, very cute.

How the choristers managed to sing some of the lyrics and still make it sound angelic is amazing.

So, here is a song inspired by the internet, BuzzFeed, cute animals and amazing music. No wonder it’s reaching new markets and is doing the rounds as a viral video this week.

The possum is definitely my favourite.

The nine cutest things that have ever happened