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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee… and market like a guerrilla!


Is your business’ marketing strategy in a rut? You know, not quite cutting it anymore? Well, entrepreneur and marketer Anthony Khoury might have just what you need.

Khoury has developed a four-part Guerrilla Marketing video course which he promises will help business owners increase business leads without increasing their costs.

Based in Melbourne, Khoury loves to build start-ups and uses his own entrepreneurial experiences to help business owners through training with Guerrilla Marketing and digital marketing with Guerrilla Solutions.

So what exactly is this Guerrilla Marketing?

Khoury told Anthill that Guerrilla Marketing is basically low cost and free tactics that you can use for your business without breaking the bank on advertising. Take case studies for instance – if you can show your prospects case studies of clients that have benefited from your product or service, it will give you more credibility when you are trying to make a sale.

“A case study is all intellectual property. It is brutally effective yet costs you next to nothing financially. That is what guerrilla marketing is all about,” Khoury explains.

Khoury adds that the course will include building relationships to encourage repeat business and tactics to out-manoeuvre your competition, from how you answer the phone, ask for referrals and post comments on social media to build your profile.

Keep in mind that a prospect has only one thing in mind: to make the best possible decision when they buy something. Khoury promises that with Guerrilla Marketing, you can heavily influence their decision without spending much money.

Hey Khoury, you got any extra marketing tips for us?

Khoury encourages business owners to try everything and measure it. “Each month you should plan one or two strategies, grade them at the end of each month and see what worked best for you. After one or two years you will know exactly what works for you.”

“Some people swear by Twitter but I prefer to use LinkedIn. Find out what works for you. You must try though, don’t be scared, and just give it a go. You will be surprised at the results once you give them time to flourish,” Khoury adds.

Khoury also shared with Anthill what he calls the holy grail of marketing; a USP: unique selling proposition. He says if you can develop one that is better than your competitors, “you will go from being a commodity to an absolute powerhouse.”

Khoury points out that most sites have the same message. We give great service. We are family owned. We have been open since 1920. We are professional.

Try this test: go to your website, scratch out your name and put your competitors’ on there. If it looks exactly the same as your competitors’, in other words, if you are both marketing the same message, then you fail.

“If your marketing is exactly the same as your competitors’, then you will compete on price only and you do not want to do that,” Khoury explains.

Remember that your prospect is asking themselves; Why should I buy from your company? What makes you different? Who says you are the best? If you can answer these, Khoury says your business will truly be great.

“In my first business I was competing with printers who had been around since the gold rush but all did the same thing. I turned the industry upside down, offering artwork, set up, design and unlimited colours, all for free. That’s what made me stand out,” Khoury reveals.

“If I did what everybody else did, great service blah blah blah… I would have been a commodity. Stand out from your competition. I don’t care what it is but find what makes your business better and let your prospects know,” Khoury concludes.

Khoury was also kind enough to share with us here at Anthill the top three marketing mistakes he has noticed Australian businesses making without even knowing it!