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Three common marketing mistakes companies make without even realising it


Marketing is undeniably one of the pillars of successful entrepreneurship and with the fast-paced nature of the business world today, more and more means of marketing appear every day.

Unfortunately, with all the myriad tools at our disposal, it has also become very easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up and end up with poor marketing campaigns without even knowing it.

You are not doing enough!

Most business owners I see use an average of two marketing strategies such as email and word of mouth. To truly accelerate your growth, you should aim for 20+ marketing strategies. For example, you can mash up joint ventures, Facebook Ads, pay-per-click on Google, cold calling, direct mail, social media and magazine ads.

Some strategies work much better than others depending on the particular niche you are in but if you have lots of strategies in your arsenal, you will be way ahead of your competitors.

You can either make it happen or wait for it to happen. There are no silver bullets in small business so it’s a classic case of throwing lots of mud on the wall and seeing what sticks. Relying on word of mouth is outdated. It should be one of many marketing strategies that you should use.

You are way too impatient mate…

Many businesses expect results overnight. Although with Google AdWords you will get traffic right away, it takes several weeks, if not months to truly build up a pipeline.

For example: if 20 people visit your website on week 1, that is 20 potential leads and you may close one or two sales. However, after a year, you may have 1000 people visit your site and they will tell their friends.

This way, you build a pipeline and momentum. Do not give up early, marketing is a long process that needs some time to mature and produce results, it will not happen instantly.

You are overwhelming yourself

With the sheer magnitude of info on the internet, business owners are trying to learn everything – how to be a social media ninja, an SEO guru, make a WordPress website for $100, it’s too much. Trying to figure out everything is time wasting and overwhelming; you end up running in circles.

Let the experts take care of this, learn the basics and let someone else do this for you. I knew about social media, SEO and mobile marketing but I still outsource it. There are not enough hours in the day to be good at everything.

At the end of it all, if there is one bit of advice that never grows old; it is to sell. That’s it, just sell. Don’t worry about trying to get on 15 social media platforms and “spread the word”, just sell. True, social media is a phenomenal tool but don’t spend all day on there. Pick up that phone, knock on doors, put some ads online, just get out there and sell.

Anthony Khoury is based in Melbourne, loves to build start-ups and uses his own entrepreneurial experiences to help business owners through training with Guerrilla Marketing and digital marketing with Guerrilla Solutions. His Guerrilla Marketing is a four-part video course designed to help business owners increase business leads without increasing their costs.