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How dog are you? This viral campaign sets the cats amongst the, um, dogs? [VIDEO]


O2 is a big teleco in the U.K.

It’s latest ad campaign is a bit of a cracker. Apparently, cats are a bit meh and, dogs are out there looking for awesomeness.

It’s a fair point. It’s been cold of late. Most cats I know have been trying to get as close to a heater as possible. Dogs too, but, offer them a ball and they’ll leap fences, ignore the frost and wind chill factor to play.

It’s this kind of enthusiasm that O2 says it has for all things tech related.

The campaign includes a quiz that will determine ‘how dog are you?

The ad itself is rather amusing. It’s clocked more than 3 million views rather quickly. Watch it, and you’ll see why.

Setting dog people against cat people – it’s an age old tradition and, for once, it might just actually work.

How dog are you?


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