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Don’t just sunbathe, turn your dream business into a reality this summer


How long have you been mulling over that business idea of yours? Months? Years? Are you finally ready to see it come alive? Well you better listen up because we have great news for you…

This summer, you can be one of the 40 lucky Sydney wannabe entrepreneurs who will get an opportunity of a lifetime: starting your own business in just 3 months, and wait for it… without quitting your day job!

How? Well, the lucky 40 will be get to be shown the ropes and coached step-by-step, week-by-week by some of Australia’s top entrepreneurial minds. We are talking about people who have built businesses worth tens of millions of dollars from nothing.

In this first-of-its kind program in Australia, a team of highly successful entrepreneurs will work face-to-face with 40 corporate employees to help them find business ideas, test the ideas with real customers, and actually get paid by their first customer in 3 months – all without any resignation letters written.

And on top of that, the participants will have a bit of fun too along the way, helping out kids at Club Kidpreneur, a charity that teaches kids the fun of starting their own business.

Now this obviously sounds rather too good to be true, and your spider senses are probably tingling but the truth is this exactly what this new start-up accelerator, Corporate to Freedom is here to do.

They believe that is the way it should be – that you should not have to take large life-threatening risks just to realize the dream of having your own business.

The program is headed up by serial entrepreneur Johan du Plessis, who says he believes the millions of smart, high-performing Australians trapped in corporate day jobs is a national tragedy.

“Have you ever noticed how, once someone has started a successful business, many of them can just do it over and over again? So why can’t we have some of these highly successful people come together and do something to help ordinary people – take them step-by-step through starting a business,” Mr du Plessis says.

So Mr du Plessis has brought together an all-star cast of highly successful entrepreneurs to run Australia’s first Business Factory Program including;

  • Peter Davison; seed investor in Paypal with $1.5bn exit
  • Paul Dunn; legendary entrepreneurial coach and CEO Buy1Give1
  • James Tuckerman; started from his mum’s couch and built one of Australia’s Top Online Business publications
  • Sarah Riegelhuth; founder & CEO WealthEnhancers and youngest ever board member to the Association of Financial Advisors

So are you interested? Then go check it out here – applications are open right now. You just might get out of that boring day job once and for all!