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Designing the ‘perfect’ iWatch? Would you wear this? [VIDEO]


Apple fans and the technology media have been speculating for some time now that Apple will release a smart watch. It will, of course, be known as the iWatch.

Ever since Pebble brought the concept of a smart watch to the masses, there has been talk that Apple will move in this space. And why not?

This video is a concept for what an iWatch may look like from a U.S. startup [FUSE]Chicken. Yes, that’s the company name. You know that dotcom domain names are truly in short supply when that’s the best one you can find!

This startup creates innovative and very stylish accessories for iPhones. In fact, right now it’s raising funding for a very nifty, magnetic, charging iPhone dock on Indiegogo.

So, this is one company’s vision for what an Apple iWatch may look like. And, it looks good. It’s more stylish than a Pebble and it shows data more immediately than a Nike Fuel band. Basically, this concept is highly wearable and rather smart.

What Apple eventually releases (if it releases anything) remains to be seen.

iWatch concept video – FuseChicken