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Could this adorable, app-enhanced doggie be YouTube’s next pop star?


Ladies and gentle sentients, we present your next pop superstar. Her name is Mishka and she’s adorable, as all Siberian Huskies are. She’s playful and, judging by the video below, sometimes painfully eager to please.

Mishka also has perfect pitch, though that talent doesn’t come naturally.

Thanks to the notorious vocal-tweaking tech Auto-Tune — or, in Mishka’s case, an similar iTunes app called LaDiDa — anyone or any pooch can now sound terrific.

The music industry’s backlash against Auto-Tune is well-documented, though it reportedly endures on countless CDs and on every episode of “Glee.” LaDiDa isn’t designed to be insidious; it’s tech is actually quite cool. The user chooses a musical tempo and style, then serenades the iPhone or iPad. The app uses the voice to compose a melody. Think of it as karaoke in reverse.

As for Mishka, we honestly can’t tell if she’s enjoying herself or on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Well, either way — good girl.

And to offer a counterpoint to Mishka’s app-enhanced abilities, we offer an Auto-Tuned cover of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” by an Australian virtuoso who skulks around YouTube with the name TabloidJunk. The man is slam-dunk proof that you don’t need a vibrato as long as you can sell a smirk and rock a cheap wig.

But if these two made it to the final round of “Australia’s Got Talent,” we’d have to hand the title to the Husky.

Sorry, TJ.

Mishka the Husky out-Biebers Bieber

“Sunglasses at Night” cover by TabloidJunk