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Need a quick fix of graphic design? 99designs’ Swiftly.com has you covered


Ever since its inception in 2008, online graphic design marketplace 99designs has been carving out its place as a leader in the global design community. I mean, these guys have paid out well over $60 million to their designers! Oh how I wish I had some artistic talent…

Now they are taking it to the next level, catering specifically for those customers who have small design tasks, with the recent launch of Swiftly.com.

Do you have some existing graphic design files that you would like to have touched up here and there by a professional graphic designer, within hours at that? If so, then you should know Swiftly is designed particularly for customers like you.

“Swiftly is part of 99designs’ broader plan to change the paradigm for how businesses worldwide get graphic design work done and how designers earn money. Now, with Swiftly, we are introducing an entirely different model for businesses to get smaller design tasks done quickly and effortlessly,” said 99designs President and CEO Patrick Llewellyn.

“Swiftly grew out of our awareness that many people don’t know where to turn for a quick graphic design project, either because they don’t employ in-house designers or their designers are tied up with more substantial projects,” 99designs Chief Technology Officer Lachlan Donald, who led the team that developed Swiftly told Anthill.

Swiftly will typically come in handy when you need your logo, business card, banner ad or marketing template altered, as well as retouching, cropping and resizing photos; and vectorizing images.

How does Swiftly work?

The process is really fast and easy.

  • Step 1: The customer simply uploads design files, indicates the modifications required, and pays a flat $15 fee.
  • Step 2: A member of the Swiftly designer community claims the “task,” completes it, and delivers it within a few hours.
  • Step 3: Once the customer reviews and approves the task, Swiftly delivers the design files to the customer and issues payment to the designer.
  • Step 4: Everybody lives happily ever after…

Keep in mind that the designers at Swiftly are a group that has thoroughly been curated from 99designs’ community of more than 240,000 graphic designers in 192 countries. We are talking crème-de-la-crème, mate.

They were hand-selected not just based on their design skill (that one’s obvious, right?), but their hours of availability too, to ensure rapid turnaround 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Basically, this will be the 911 of graphic design…