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Aussie duo develop Fieldd for SMBs struggling to grow out in the field


Two young guns, who are the living embodiment of entrepreneurialism, have put everything into a seemingly simple idea that has proved to be a game-changer for field service businesses.

Harrison Lingard and Garo Tanzi are the creators of ground-breaking software, aptly named fieldd, and have quite literally put love and money on the line to blaze a trail for Australian STEM and start-up industries.

“I was seriously considering entering the second season of the Bachelorette Australia,” says Harrison. “I thought…. I’m young, looking for love, why not, it could be fun!”

The genesis of Fieldd.

Instead, he turned down the opportunity to find love and teamed up with Garo, who he had met back in 2017 through a family friend and set about developing fieldd.

The platform allows service-based companies to manage and grow their business by using AI and geo-fencing to match customers with their nearest, available service person.

“We wanted to give SMBs the ability to do big things,” explains Garo.

“We built fieldd to help the little guy and give them an enterprise-grade software to grow their business without it costing a fortune, being time-consuming or complex to adopt.”

Fieldd helps businesses out on the road delivering services cut down on their wasted time, and reduces costly administration fees, streamlining processes so more time can be spent on growing the business; in some cases, to bust through the elusive glass ceiling.

“When we took this idea to business owners we knew and asked them to trial it, the value they immediately experienced was off the charts,” says Garo.

“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Robin Hoods’ of tech,” Harrison laughs.

“We just want to give small to medium service businesses a chance to make it themselves – especially after the economically disastrous year everyone has had.”

“One of the big reasons we took fieldd global so early is because we knew there were businesses all over the world that would be struggling.”

“Fieldd gives them back a lot of time to focus on what matters, just by simplifying the basics of their business: booking their services,” he explains.

What is Fieldd’s advantage over its competition?

The duo acknowledges there are similar software products available but say none of them do everything fieldd can do and are, more often than not, an investment beyond the reach of most small-to-medium businesses.

Both hailing from Perth, Harrison has since moved to Vancouver to oversee the global roll out of fieldd. Even with the distance between them, they’re moving mountains together with a business that is on track to be one of the next Aussie start-ups to watch.

“My mornings in Vancouver are spent catching up on what happened the day before in Australia. It’s tough being behind the International Date Line.”

“But it also means we can have so much more reach and impact with field service businesses across the hemispheres,” says Harrison.

“Our vision is to see fieldd take off to not just our own benefit, but to help everyone who is connected with the platform.”

“We are really looking forward to seeing how our idea will really make a difference to businesses battling with the challenges of their daily logistics.”

Garo and Harrison epitomise the new millennials who will drive positive change in their communities than any other generation, as proven in a recent Deloitte survey.

They are also part of a wave of Australian tech start-ups, with the sector on a trajectory to contribute $109 billion – around 4% of the country’s GDP – to the economy in 2021.

Neither are new to starting their own business, Garo founded the Online Creative Dudes, a web design and digital marketing company in Perth, while Harrison created a mobile car wash business, Refresh Mobile Car Detailing, from which the idea for fieldd was born.

“Harry become a client of mine through Refresh and as we really got to know each other, we realised we see eye to eye on most things,” explains Garo. “I eventually became a partner in that business and the rest is history.”

Harrison doesn’t regret turning down the opportunity he had on The Bachelorette or quitting his day job to focus on fieldd. Instead, it is the best decision he ever made.

“I had to make a decision to chase love with a girl I had never met before or take a leap of faith on a business idea I’d quit my job for and sunk every cent of my savings into. I went with the latter and I really thank my past self for making the right choice!”

When they’re not being knights in shining armour for your everyday service business owner, Harrison and Garo are just a couple of 30-something-year-olds enjoying life as much as they can and flexing their creativity in other areas.

“I am actually part of a signed producing duo named Flowidus, which keeps life pretty interesting! Tech by day, music and touring by night, so to speak,” says Garo.

For Harrison, life away from fieldd (if there is such thing) is a little less pounding tunes and a little more shredding powder, “What can I say? I can see Grouse Mountain from my window so you know I am absolutely on the slopes any chance I can get!”

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