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Anthill’s 30under30 2014 winners revealed!


It’s often said that there has never been a better time to be a young entrepreneur in Australia. Apparently, it’s a super-awesome time if you are aged 29, 26 or 27.

This year’s 30under30 was one of our largest. And these three were the hottest ages for getting entrepreneurial.

The percentage of female entrepreneurs dipped from last year’s record breaking 30% to 28%. Despite attracting a readership composed of 48% women, we’ve never been able to break the 30% mark for female entrants in the 30under30. (What’s the deal with that!?)

And where do our entrepreneurs live? Victoria slightly out-performed New South Wales. And Western Australia is clearly punching beyond it’s weight. Out of the hundreds of entries, we received zero from the ACT. (Canberra… helloooo…. anyone there!?)

And without further ado…

THE TOP 30, 2014

The Top 30 are listed by age.

Jeremy Hansen 18 M QLD
Brandon Cowan 20 M NSW
Joshua Winterton 22 M WA
Karim El Barche 22 M VIC
Genevieve George 23 F NSW
Anthony Lam 24 M VIC
Calvin Coyles 24 M WA
Jordan Grives 25 M QLD
Ben Walker 25 M QLD
Phillip Hoare 25 M NT
Shanti Korproaal 25 F NSW
Jake Williams 26 M NSW
David Mah 26 M VIC
Chanel Costabir 26 F VIC
Jasmin Parasiers 26 F SA
Emily Gowor 26 F QLD
Brad Smith 27 M TAS
Jane Lu 28 F NSW
Nic Blair 28 M QLD
Arna Jade 29 F WA
Marcus Lim 29 M NSW
Jock Gordon 29 M SA
Paula Grant 29 F QLD
Janine Zappina-Rosa 29 F VIC
Guy Pearson 29 M NSW
Stephane Ibos 29 M NSW
Chantelle Baxter 29 F VIC
Michael Edelstein 29 M NSW



Launching a business by yourself whilst being under 30 is tough!

These guys and gals decided to band up and be awesome together…

Phuong Nguyen 26 Female  with Matthew Alberto 28 Male NSW
Bridie Ritchie 27 Female with Lachlan Ritchie 28 Male WA



They may not have their own business but wowzer!

These amazing young leaders are innovating within the organisations of others.

Nik  Lytas 27 NSW Male
Nick Rose 27 VIC Male
Eddy Piddington 28 NSW Male



They may not have made it into the top 30 but hot digity dog!

These up and comers and worth keeping an eye on.

Sam Klingner 20 QLD Male
Alex Jeffery 20 VIC Male
Elliot Smith 22 QLD Male
Nathan Kinch 22 VIC Male
Daniel Dizon 22 NSW Male
James Taylor 23 NSW Male
Cameron Bryant 23 NSW Male
Cassandra Shelley 24 NSW Female
Vincent Cheng 24 NSW Male
Sasha Gilber 24 VIC Male
Belle Cooper 25 VIC Female
Gil Snir 25 NSW Male
Nikias Leigh 25 QLD Male
Angelica Nohra 26 NSW Female
Engelo Rumora 26 NSW Male
Karl Wyzenbeek 26 NSW Male
Jimmy Du 26 VIC Male
Christopher Drake 26 QLD Male
Andrew Frahm 26 QLD Male
Eric Agyeman 26 VIC Male
Charlie Caruso 27 WA Female
Renee Carr 27 VIC Female
Elana Harari 27 VIC Female
Daniel Jovevski 27 WA Male
George Samuels 27 VIC Male
David Hyman 27 NSW Male
Michael Morgano 28 VIC Male
Terence Borgioli 28 WA Male
Ed Andrew 28 VIC Male
Verity Byrne 29 VIC Female
Tara-Jay Rimmer 29 QLD Female
Lee Cockford 29 QLD Male
Bill Huynh 29 VIC Male
Edward Hooper 29 VIC Male
Finn Kelly 29 VIC Male
Asher Esakoff 29 VIC Male
Terry Katz 29 WA Male


How were these young guns picked?

The 30under30 awards begins with nominations, followed by a process of self-application. Why? Because we believe that one of the most important traits any entrepreneur should have is the ability to win friends and influence people. The self-application process gave our judges a direct line to the personality of each applicant entrepreneur.

Commercial success is not everything…

The 30under30 program rewards traits beyond pure successful venture creation. While some applicants wowed us with their, sometimes instant, commercial successes, others demonstrated their ability to learn from the school of ‘hard-knocks’, embrace unexpected opportunities, harness the skills of others and build buzz beyond their sometimes meager budgets. All these factors, were considered ‘in the mix’.

Benchmarking success by age…

We’re often asked, ‘How do you measure the achievements and entrepreneurial traits of a 19 year-old against those of a 29 year-old?’ The simple answer? We don’t. Rather, during the judging process, the successes, the skills, the attributes of each applicant are measured against other entrepreneurs their age. So, if you’re a 28 year-old entrepreneur wondering why someone else made the cut while you didn’t, perhaps stop comparing yourself to the 18 year-old and look to your age bracket. As the older you get, the higher the bar.