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Getting startup investment in Australia is a headache. We need a revolution!


Hi! I’m Lauren Rielly,

I’m an Australian entrepreneur, dog lover and serial explorer. I’m on a mission to revolutionise startup investment in Australia and am spending the next month in Silicon Valley learning how.

Australia has world-class startups that investors need to know about and my passion is evaluating opportunities and communicating the entrepreneurial value to early stage investors.

I’m going straight to the mecca in Silicon Valley to learn how the local Angel groups work, what it takes to get funded and what’s needed in Australia.

I’m finding the pioneers, the thought leaders, the stories from people who have created and recreated industries to search for a new way for Australian startups to take the world stage. I want to push the boundaries on how Australian startups are found, screened and developed.

A dog’s tale, a dog’s tail…

I’m also doing my first crowdfund while in the Valley, which is like doing a startup! It’s to bring my beloved dog Lulu back home to Australia. This means I have a project to showcase and directly apply learning. The rewards surround a new book, “17 Lessons from a Canine Entrepreneur: A dog’s tale from Australia to Silicon Valley” to be distributed in airport bookstores.

Come with me behind the scenes and share what I learn as I explore Silicon Valley, find a way to meet the people, have adventures and discover how to revolutionise early stage investment in Australia!

The story starts at LAX with this short video:


Stay tuned to follow Lauren and Lulu’s journey, right here at Anthill Online.