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AirService and Meter Maids have launched Australia’s first beachside food delivery service – complete with bikinis!


Australian mobile ordering tech start-up AirService is partnering with the Gold Coast’s iconic Meter Maids to launch Australia’s first ongoing beachside food ordering and delivery service.

AirService provides cutting edge mobile ordering and payment technology for every hospitality venue, large or small – from cafés to casinos, food trucks to franchises. Some of its key clients and partners include: GPT Group, LendLease, Village Roadshow, RoadChef and Greyhound Australia.

This new service will allow beachgoers to order and pay for food via the Maid to Order app, powered by the AirService platform. Customers will then have their order delivered directly to their spot on the beach by the iconic Bikini-clad Meter Maids.

It will initially be available on the main Surfers Paradise beach with the aim of rolling out to other beaches within the area over time.

Meter MaidsWhat does this mean for the Gold Coast?

The launch catapults the Gold Coast’s beaches ahead of other global beachside tourist hotspots — using technology for the ultimate in beachside food delivery.

Food delivery services are available at some of the most exclusive beaches in the world, including the Nikki beach clubs across Europe, South East Asia and the US, and Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, where bars and restaurants will serve you on the sand.

None of these, however, do so with the convenience of the Maid to Order app, where customers don’t have to flag down waiters to take their orders, or worry about having cash or their credit cards on them.

The service provides long-time local vendors with a new way to connect with their customers, offering a true premium service and convenience.

“Imagine you’re a family on the beach with children, or in particular a single parent. Now if you want to order lunch, or even just some ice-creams and drinks, you don’t need to drag the kids off the beach, carrying all your gear,” AirService co-founder and CEO Dominic Bressan said.

“You just place your order, and the Meter Maids will deliver it straight to you.”

What does this mean for the Meter Maids?

In addition to helping local businesses thrive, the app also provides a different direction and purpose for the Gold Coast Meter Maids, who have been around for 50 years now, giving them a new way to relate to and serve the local community.

Roberta Aitchison, CEO Meter Maids
Roberta Aitchison, CEO Meter Maids

“The 90s were controversial years for the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids, so too will be 2016. Trying to keep up with changing times and social attitudes, the Meter Maids decided to branch out and do something different – deliver food to the beach.” said Roberta Aitchison, owner and manager of the Meter Maids.

“We are trying to keep up with the times and as our business is to support our community first and foremost, what better way to do this than help local restaurants keep their heads above water with the Maid to Order app and also take the Meter Maids in a new and exciting direction.”

Meter MaidsAirService spoke to vendors in the area in regards to their views on the matter. Theo Kostoglou — owner, Greek Street Grill, Surfers Paradise, said, “Surfers Paradise is a tourist destination for the whole of Australia, so it should be in line with the rest of the world where food is served and delivered to the beach. We’re behind the times.”

“It’s better that the Meter Maids are taking food to the beach then forcing patrons to cross the road, which is more dangerous. It also means that tourists get to enjoy the beach longer. This app could increase customers by up to 15 per cent”