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    10 ways to build a list


    Whether selling a product or service, every business needs to attract people to its offerings and encourage them to take action. There are easy ways you can build your list of opt-in customers and community members.

    Start with these 10 actions:

    1. Offer a free newsletter. This newsletter method is very effective in building your list, especially if it contains valuable information that people can use in their daily lives as well as engaging graphics and images. Sharing tips and strategies as well as interesting topics will make your newsletter more attractive.
    2. Provide a subscription form. Offer your newsletter through a subscription. You can do this by providing a form on your site where visitors can register their name and email address in exchange for a free newsletter. Include a short description of what your newsletter is about.
    3. Provide quality content. Quality content — information that is useful and interesting to read – is pure gold online. Try to provide something that can influence people in their daily lives.
    4. Post engaging articles. Providing well written and engaging articles is one sure-fire way of attracting people. Post them to your site or blog and then syndicate them to free article directories and social media channels where you can reach a bigger audience.
    5. Write an ebook. An ebook need not be a tome. Include a compilation of your best articles or tips and techniques. This is a good way to attract new subscribers and a bonus reward for your loyal subscribers. You can also offer this as a giveaway through affiliate channels.
    6. Launch an event. Why not organise even just a small event to gather like-minded people? As you promote this event on your site and other websites, you are sure to spark the curiosity of other people and get them to register.
    7. Join forums. By taking part in discussion boards or forums, you can establish relationships with other members and eventually build your list.
    8. Offer useful products. Make sure that what you offer to people is something useful in their lives. People want to get their money’s worth, and their attention is sometimes even more precious.
    9. Join social media sites. Create an account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and follow people to build your list.
    10. Establish friendship with subscribers. If you make friends with your own list, you can get them to spread the word with their own list.

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