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This young entrepreneur has found success with the help of co-working space Creative Cubes


James Shadrach is a young entrepreneur who runs a company called Video Why, a boutique video production company based in Melbourne, but it’s certainly not been an easy road for this young business Founder.

A prime example of a self-made man, James has risen from humble beginnings. His family historically have been persecuted and they’ve fled war torn countries twice. Despite growing up in a low socioeconomic environment, James was the first person in his family to graduate from university, completing his honours degree in psychology in 2015.

So how did James find the inner drive and spark of inspiration to create his now thriving video company? The answer is that despite not necessarily winning the luck lottery at a young age, James didn’t have many positive role models around him, he took his luck into his own hands. He looked to the internet for guidance, which is where he discovered video.

He found people who spoke with authenticity, purpose and passion. These people coached, mentored and inspired him into the person he is today. Watching this kind of content was the impetus that stimulated James to build Video Why.

In 2017, James found the epitome of a person leading with purpose when he met his mentor, a lawyer that had become very successful in the corporate world but found himself hating the work he was doing. The law firm he worked for had a relentless focus on profit often at the expense of the client. After becoming discontent, this lawyer left to start his own law firm that would focus on purpose first, profit second.

But despite the idea and a great mentor, James still needed an inspiring place to set up his business and work out of. This is where a competition run by CreativeCubes.Co, the co-working space which has cemented itself as one of the key players in this space, helped propel James’ business to new heights.

James won 12 months’ rent free thanks to Creative Cubes’ competition which was run last year, in partnership with MYOB and StartUpVIC. They ran a series of pitch nights, with the aim to provide a platform for businesses & start-ups to live within CreativeCubes.Co and grow into becoming an SME or Large Corporate.

Indeed, for James this has allowed him many more fantastic experiences to continue to build his business, including working with some big calibre clients, and taking his first trip overseas earlier this year working for Austrade (prior to this James had never been on a plane internationally).

 James Shadrach says of his experience so far, “I keep moving forward because it shows others that it doesn’t matter where you start, there are infinite possibilities for your life”.