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Businesses are under threat – how to protect your company and your employees

Whether they are big or small organisations, owners are oblivious to their responsibilities of implementing preventative measures and countering potential damage to their assets and employees.

Australian business owners are turning immersive tech into a (virtual) reality [VIDEO]

Over the next decade, Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will create opportunities for small and medium size businesses to interact with their customers in new immersive ways.

New year, new way of consuming stuff: – the ‘Access Economy’ is set to...

The Access Economy is thriving in Australia because people care more about convenience and lower cost options than they do about owning possessions outright. Sharing or just paying for access doesn't mean missing out.

Let’s talk about the NBN: An open letter to the marketing, advertising & media...

MediaScope's Denise Shrivell is it’s time for Australian marketing, advertising and media to talk about the NBN roll-out strategy and understand its impact

A tech start-up is disrupting how we search for homes to buy with a...

With just a team of three, Hutbitat has managed to achieve market coverage for NSW and Victoria in under a year. Now, it looks to Western Australia.

Home is where the work is: increasing telework calls for WHS compliance at home

So, are you a teleworker? New info from National Broadband Network says that by 2020, upwards of 12 per cent of the Aussie workforce will...

Federal election and NBN conundrum. Can we really expect much?

The rollout will continue, since the government has paid Telstra $11 billion to get access to its network. So we will get an NBN in one form or another. The only question is the technology and the time frame.

Serial entrepreneur helps QLD small businesses embrace the digital era

Queensland businesses that are not online have been given an opportunity to leap into digital era, with a state-wide program to help train businesses. Skills Queensland is running a state-wide program called "Get Up to Speed" for the next 12 months that is designed to help businesses embrace online.

How to game your ISP when the NBN rolls into town

The super-speedy new National Broadband Network (NBN) is sloooowly inching closer. But it’s not just digital junkies who’ll benefit from the multitude of megabits; their pushers can also expect a new lease on life. Internet Service Providers (ISP), that is.

All clear for the NBN, new anti-siphoning laws and more

Leon and Garry talk about Telstra’s shares soaring with the Government getting the NBN legislation through parliament. What’s next, and how is the business model shaping up? Plus, a look at the new anti-siphoning laws and why they provide wins for both free-to-air TV and pay TV.

Will the NBN simply involve one monopoly supplanting another?

The establishment of an NBN, as currently proposed, creates a legitimate concern: will Australia supplant one great big monopoly with another great big monopoly? If the controlling body of the NBN displays monopolistic tendencies in pricing and management (which it may have to do given the proposed level of investment), then what benefits will we really be creating?

With the NBN, deregulation begins now

The National Broadband Network has been heralded as a groundbreaking advance but has also raised concerns that it will create just another monopoly. In this first of two parts, Tony Simmons argues that the NBN can at last bring to Australian telecommunications a genuine opportunity for competition and growth... provided we learn from past.

Malcolm Turnbull explains the Opposition’s case against the NBN

In this week's Talking Business interview, Leon and Garry speak with Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull, former Opposition leader and current shadow spokesman for telecommunications and broadband. He criticises the Government’s plan for the National Broadband Network as too expensive and lacking in any cost-benefit analysis. Calling the NBN an effective monopoly that will make any competition impossible, Mr. Turnbull endorses incremental improvements to the existing network as a fiscally responsible policy.

Telstra hurrying Government to deliver on NBN. ‘Get it finalised by Christmas!’

Leon and Garry talk about the difficulty getting the legislation for the NBN through Parliament. But the Government needs to hurry as Telstra wants to have the NBN finalised by Christmas. Telstra has also released its latest renewal plan. Meanwhile, its share price has fallen to an all-time low.

Gillard Government holds on: what’s the agenda for business?

Garry and Leon talk about the new Labor government just scraping back into office. Download the podcast to find out how it will affect the outcomes of Australia’s credit rating, the mining tax, the NBN and more, plus all the latest in business news.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...