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Serial entrepreneur helps QLD small businesses embrace the digital era


Queensland businesses that are not online have been given an opportunity to leap into digital era. So says Skills Queensland, the industry-led statutory body working to strengthen Queensland’s economic base.

The authority is putting its money where its mouth is, with a state-wide program of up to 12 months to make businesses aware of the opportunities and bring them the skills and the knowledge to make the most of them. Called “Get Up to Speed”, the program is being presented by “BroadbandToday.com.au” and delivered by “The Creative Collective”.

Why does “Get Up to Speed” exist? And what does it do?

Because too many enterprises in the state still do not have a web presence or an effective website, their future profitability and even survival as a company are at risk. Education and application are therefore the watchwords of the program.

Live events, weekly webinars (seminars conducted over the web), weekly e-training, a private Facebook group, a dedicated portal for online resources and access to mentors are all part of the package. The training content is delivered over 12 weeks, with program resources remaining available for 12 months. Participants pay $250 each; however, they also benefit from a rebate of $175 for the qualifying purchase of an internet enabled device that contributes to their engagement in the “Get Up to Speed” program.

Program presenter BroadbandToday.com.au is enthusiastic about companies making the most of this opportunity. Its parent organisation, The Broadband Today Alliance, consists of local government sectors and affiliate organisations sharing knowledge about the coming National Broadband Network (NBN), Broadband and the Digital Economy, and seeking out ways for their communities to benefit from the resources being made available. “Get Up to Speed” is one such way.

In addition, the rollout of the NBN, the biggest single project ($47 billion over eight years) ever undertaken concerning Australia’s infrastructure, will bring high-speed network access of 100 Mbit/s to around 90% of business and residential customers in the future.

Where can businesses “Get Up to Speed”?

Available to all businesses in Queensland, seven areas have been designated in particular for the program; they include the Sunshine Coast, Moreton & Redland Bay, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Cairns and Townsville. The live events in the form of information evenings have already taken place at some venues (Mackay and the Sunshine Coast), and are scheduled to continue in April with a further five venues at least.

The program’s delivery partner, The Creative Collective led by “serial entrepreneur” Yvette Adams, is well-versed in Internet matters. As well as providing events, training and resources for the “Get Up to Speed” initiative, it also offers a full panel of web services such as e-marketing, PR, website design, social media marketing (for example, Facebook), and an extensive range of additional courses.