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Don’t believe the hype: debunking three common myths about business networking

Many scoff at networking, dismissing it as manipulative – using others to become more successful. Others believe networking is for the Donald Trumps of the world – those born into wealth and privilege who can use money and social clout to sway others to their will. Networking is neither of those.

Startup School scrapes attendee tweets to create eBook

What I personally found so interesting about this item of digital media is that it was created by the crowd and assembled by attendees (or one particularly passionate attendee in particular). And, despite having not attended the event, I suspect that it is more helpful than most of the glossy 'take homes' I find shoved in most 'goodie-bags' post most conferences.

Sixteen innovative Australian digital projects to watch

Sponsored Message: Sixteen of Australia and New Zealand’s best digital projects will have the chance to be mentored by some of the biggest names in digital and entertainment media as part of X|Media|Lab ‘Global Media Ideas’ two-day lab, starting next Friday.