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Startup School scrapes attendee tweets to create eBook


Occasional Anthill contributor and serial entrepreneur Stephen Sammartino, recently ran a weekend business planning course for startups in Melbourne called… you guessed it… Startup School Melbourne.

We were unable to drop by. But, if it was organised by Sammartino, you can be fairly sure that it was not your usual panel of ‘experts’ spruiking their wares.

In fact, just last weekend, I was tweeted the eBook below, perhaps proving this point.

Startup School in Tweets

Let me warn you, the eBook below is not a polished professionally prepared item of marketing collateral.

It is something better.

Based on the twitter activity of participants on the day, another Anthill contributor, Joshua Moore, who attended Startup School Melbourne as an aspiring entrepreneur, created this very basic yet extremely practical course overview.

What I personally found so interesting about this item of digital media is that it was created by the crowd and assembled by attendees (or one particularly passionate attendee in particular).

And, despite having not attended the event, I suspect that it is more helpful than most of the glossy ‘take homes’ I find shoved in most ‘goodie-bags’ post most conferences.

Perhaps there’s scope for something like this beyond conferences? Any ideas?