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Australian documentary maker finds love and adventure in California


Young Australian Michael Woods isn’t just California dreaming. He’s conquering it.

The 23-year-old Woods, honoured as one of our Emerging Digital Doyens in the 2010 Anthill 30 Under 30 awards, has put together a documentary about his recent trip to the Golden State.  He calls the doc “Conquering California.”

His original goal of the trip was to make some business connections for his digital-solutions company, Media Saints, and to soak in the sights.

Then he fell in love. And proposed to a California girl (cue the Beach Boys).

In Woods’ own words: “‘Conquering California’ is all about inspiration and curiosity within us all. Everybody who is seeking fun, crazy experiences and a journey into the unknown will love this film.”

This is a commercial documentary — and here’s where things get really interesting. Woods is distributing the doco via Facebook’s little-known credit system. For 25 Facebook credits — that’s $2.50 — you can watch “Conquering California.” The most high-profile use of this approach was Warner Bros’ posting of “The Dark Knight” on Facebook.

Want to find out how Woods conquers Cali? Here’s the documentary’s Facebook page.

‘Conquering California’ trailer

Conquering California teaser from Conquering California on Vimeo.