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Students paint up a storm at close of eWeek


It would be impossible to watch these videos and not feel a slight warm-fuzzy feeling about the future of entrepreneurship in Australia.

Last Friday night, the bright young organisers of Entrepreneurs Week (eWeek) concluded seven days of entrepreneurial activities with the program’s flagship event, the Innovators’ Challenge.

The Innovators’ Challenge is a six day competition that invites student to “create as much ‘value’ as possible from an assigned everyday object” and create a video documenting the experience.

This year, students were asked to create a business or social cause with ‘paint’ as the key ingredient.

What’s so wonderful about this entrepreneurship competition is not simply that it asks students to create a business or develop a social cause campaign in six days (impressive in its own right). But it also requires that students record their experiences as a tool to ‘sell’ the concept to a judging panel of experienced entrepreneurs and advisers (from organisations such as Deloitte, Dynamic Horizons and SMSGlobal).

Of the final 10, we’ve chosen three to share with you.

If Anthill were a judge, these would be our winners:

PaintAProfessor Week

Simple, fun, easily replicable with significant viral potential. Who wouldn’t pay to paint their professor?

Lend A Hand Project

A tangible and memorable way to attract pledges. Is it time to throw away the clip-board and bring in the finger-painting?

Paint the Town Green

Not the most commercially sound idea but who could not applaud personal humiliation for a good cause?

eWeek is an initiative of Student Entrepreneurs, a student-run organisation based at the University of Melbourne.

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