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This Australian is headed to Mars. She explains what it really means to ‘go off the grid’ [VIDEO]


Dianne McGrath is one of the seven Round 3 short-listed astronaut candidates from Australia still remaining in the international Mars One program. You know. The one that has set out to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars.

Get this. She was born the day before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. So, you could say she was born for this. Boom-cha!

An avid adventurer on land, in the air and on water (and next, in space) — running ultra-marathons, skydiving, cycling extreme distances and sailing tall ships in the southern ocean — Dianne once shared with us a few tips on making tough decisions and staying determined.

Not-so-long ago, Dianne gave a talk at TEDxMelbourne where she spoke about the motivations behind her signing up for Mars One, and also covered an interesting topic: the grid. What is the grid? What happens when the grid is broken? What does it mean to go off the grid?

She spoke about some of the grids we live on in Australia: the electricity grid and the food grid (did you know there is an Australian Asparagus Council?), and also explained the energy and food grids that will exist on Mars to help the settlers survive there.

Check out the full talk below and after that, here’s some food for thought for you to chew on: on what grid does your business exist? What would happen if some component of that grid broke down? Would your business survive?