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If you like shoes, you’re going to love this! [VIDEO]


I may have an obsession with shoes. When I moved house last year, I donated around 20 pairs to charity.

This year, I’ve slowly been filling up the shoe rack again.

I’m not sure why, but women love shoes. It also starts at a very young age. I recall my then two year old daughter going through my collection of shoes and trying to put them on her tiny feet. She was quite partial to my red, patent heels.

Shoe store Aldo decided to capitalise on women’s love of shoes. In an marketing stunt, Aldo in Israel used a combination of outdoor, Instagram and surprises to delight passersby. More than 500 shoes were photographed and tagged in a single day of operation.

If you love shoes, you’ll wish that a shoe store runs a similar campaign locally.

Ring my bell Instagram Stunt by Aldo Israel

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