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Guess who’s back: David Koch’s Business Builders Returns for a New Series


Oh, snap! Business Builders has returned for its 6th series on Channel 7.

As Australia’s numero uno business program, KBB is dedicated to helping and inspiring the nation’s small business community.

Host David Koch and the team of KBB experts are once again delving into the issues that SMEs face day in, day out, visiting real businesses and confronting real problems.

From buffalo farms to high street fashion, home-based chefs to nation-leading manufacturers, KBB will tackle any business issue. The experts, who include some of Australia’s most respected business leaders and entrepreneurs, discuss issues from sales and cash flow to digital marketing, financing, creating a winning culture, and everything in between.

For Koch, a long time small business owner himself and former director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation, it’s an opportunity to not only help out other business owners but also to share their stories.

“I just love small business owners in this country. Every time I go out and meet this amazing bunch of Australians I’m inspired and learn so much from them myself. Each one has such a great and unique story,” he says.

Over 2.2-million people tuned in to series 5 of the program across its 13 episodes, with an average audience of 180 000 and was the third highest rating show behind Weekend Sunrise and Weekend Today. Holy cow, Batman! Don’t miss it, because you’d think it was the finale of M*A*S*H in New York in 1983 when everyone took a bathroom break all at once.

This year the show has shifted up a gear (hey third was stripped out by now, right?) with each episode showcasing more businesses, covering more issues and providing more practical and reliable advice from the KBB team of business experts. Plus a successful Aussie entrepreneur will share their secrets to success in a new segment of the show.

Say, it’s almost as cool as Anthill, huh?