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    What can these bouncing goats teach us about entrepreneurship? Lots! [VIDEO]


    I think it’s pretty safe to say that goats should rule the internet this year.

    Cats, in all shapes, sizes and moods, have had their day. So has Doge.

    It’s 2014. It’s time for goats, be they screaming like people, hanging out in trees or, in this case, bouncing around on flexible metal in France, to make it their year!

    So, what can we learn from these screaming, climbing, bouncing animals? Quite a lot, actually.

    1. Be curious

    One goat had to be curious enough to climb a tree or, in this case, climb onto this bendy bit of metal. Without curiosity, the goats would have stayed on the ground, nibbling on the grass.

    It’s the same for an entrepreneur – you’ve got be curious, don’t just stand around doing what everyone else is doing.

    2. Inspire others with your adventure

    So, goat #1 got on the bendy metal. It looked like so much fun that the rest of the goats wanted to try it as well.

    As an entrepreneur, if you don’t inspire others, you won’t create a great leadership team, a great business, attract great customers or, secure funding. Make everyone wants to bounce around with you on your adventure – inspire them!

    3. Be adaptable and determined

    Yes, goats are very sure footed. This means they can adapt well to an ever changing situation. As the metal bends, some of the goats slide off. But, you know what? They get right back up again. They’re adaptable and determined.

    If an entrepreneur slides off course in business, they need adapt, change and get right back on the crazy ride.

    4. You will find your balance

    At first, the goats find it a bit tricky balancing on the bendy metal. They try lots of different techniques and angles. In the end, they find the perfect balance as three goats manage to stand still on the top – no more wobbles, no more slides.

    Every entrepreneur will also find their balance with their business. But, it may be wobbly before that. Sometimes, others make make waves and distract you. But, eventually, you will find the right point where the wobbles recede and your business booms.

    5. If all else fails, laugh

    Just watch the second video. You can’t help but laugh at screaming goats. Laughter is good for stress relief and, let’s face it, every entrepreneur needs stress relief from time to time.

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