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This start-up is cutting out the middleman to give Australian scientists high quality equipment at half the traditional price


Last year, scientists in Australia were asked about their experience buying equipment in the local market. Prices, product range, delivery time and the like…

All in all, they basically had the same headaches the average Australian consumer is accustomed to experiencing with international companies; exchange rate fluctuations, higher rents and higher shipping costs. All these ultimately push our prices up and our quality down.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and it is the necessity of a solution to all these problems scientists face in purchasing the high quality equipment they need for their work that has given birth to an e-commerce start-up called LabFriend.

Cut out the middleman and half the price

Founded by Karl Wyzenbeek, LabFriend spent all of last year developing new web technology and created a website that links directly to manufacturers’ supply chain, over 360 manufacturers of the world’s premium brands of research equipment around the world – minus the middleman.

LabFriend then offers this equipment to Australian scientists for up to 50 per cent less (sometimes even more) than what it currently costs to purchase it through traditional purchasing channels, and all the products are backed by manufacturer’s warranty and a no-fuss 14 day return policy.

Even scientists need customer care

Now if you’ve ever misplaced an invoice in the past, you know how stressful and time consuming it can be to locate it. However, with LabFriend, all your past purchases, current quotes, and live updates on your current orders are available through your account, anytime you need them.

An just in case you are not sure of exactly what you need, LabFriend also has a standby customer support team live on the website who can help you with finding out exactly which product is best suited to your application out of the over 360 brands available.

Since launching the site literally a couple of months ago, LabFriend has already transacted well over $150,000 to Australian scientists. Keep in mind that they have not yet even done any offline marketing through traditional channels.