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An exclusive pitching event to really get you high. Meet Qumpit.


Last week, we announced that Anthill had partnered with global ballooning and an organisation called Qumpit to host a pitching event that actually needs your hot air.

We’re giving eight (8) Anthillians a pitching opportunity like no other… access to a prominent investor/entrepreneur… in a hot-air balloon! It’s networking thousands of feet in the air, floating over the Yarra Valley.

When you’re an entrepreneur, the sky’s the limit, right?

What’s the prize?

Eight entrepreneurs will enjoy a birds eye view of the grapevines and surrounding mountains below, gently drifting with the wind. On the balloon, each passenger will pitch their business idea, issue or request for advice.

Once the ice has been cracked and the inspiring conversation is flowing, we will transport that ice to Rochford Winery for a sumptuous ‘Chandon’ Breakfast afterwards. This is valued at over $315pp.

What is Qumpit?

It’s a new queuing and market research tool. In return for your opinions, you gain access to awesome things. Watch the video below.

Who is the prominent entrepreneur/investor? That’s a surprise that we’ll be revealing shortly.

Get Started If you think the sky is the limit, you have a limited imagination.

To get your exclusive invitation from Anthill, click here.