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Brisbane entrepreneurs invited to Pitch Club


On Thursday 20 October 2011, Pitch Club will be hitting Brisbane looking for the next big thing! If you have a business idea which you have not taken anywhere because you don’t know where to start, this is the place to be.

Converting your idea into a valuable asset is a challenge. That’s why Pitch Club offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to “pitch” their idea to angel investors, venture capitalists and fellow entrepreneurs. Rub shoulders with those who have been there and done that. This means you will have access to expert advice, funding and opportunities to take an entrepreneurial journey.

For further details or to purchase your tickets online for $15 visit here or pay $20 at the door.

Pitching – Workshop (how do I pitch?)
If you are interested in pitching we recommend you attend the Opportunity Evaluation and Pitching Workshop where they work with you to ensure you put your best foot forward when “pitching”. Details here.

Pitching – Register (how do I let you know I want to pitch?)
You can nominate yourself to pitch here .

Pitch Club Membership
Pitch Club is well established as a proven pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs and now offers Membership for those who are serious about their business idea. Membership provides access to networks, use of their Opportunity Syndication System and Introduction Service. All have been designed to identify the value in your idea so you can create an asset and either overcome common obstacles facing start ups or have strategies to eliminate them altogether.
For more information click here.