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Why we’re STILL embarrassed about our new site (and STILL proud of it)


Just over one year ago, we wrote a post dedicated to our then new website.

We quoted TrickyTix CEO Scott Handsaker, which I’ve paraphrased below:

“If you’re not slightly embarrassed about your new web product when you launch, you’re too late.”

This week, we launched our 2010 website.

You’re seeing it now.

So, ok, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles quite yet (and we’re pretty confident we haven’t ironed out all the bugs either). But we do promise, dear Anthillians, that you will be the first to notice its evolution over coming weeks and months.

For now, I’d like to point out the new links on our two-tiered navigation bar (above).

After watching and monitoring your interests for 12-months, we have settled on seven main categories, including the addition of ‘Anty-Climax‘ (dedicated to quirky and fun news stories). Depending the area of the site you’re in, you’ll also find popular ‘tags’, leading to highly specific topic areas, such as ‘Commercialisation Policy‘ or ‘Mobile Technology‘.

We’ve also made it far easier to meander and stumble across hidden treasures from the archive, entertaining and thought provoking videos and, of course, leave your views and converse with other readers.

We’ve added a number of social networking tools (and still have a few more up our sleeve). If you want to ‘Share’ Anthill or ‘Digg’ Anthill, you now can. In fact, please spread the word, perhaps by tweeting this post.

In coming weeks you can expect to see the launch of antMART (what’s a community without a general store, right?) and a range of developments to help our readers ‘Get Involved‘ and ‘Feed the Hill‘.

Plus, we’ll be adding many more new, Anthill-made videos for Anthill TV and our ever popular Beer O’Clock email. If you want us to keep you informed of our developments, we invite to subscribe to our email newsletter (if you haven’t already).

The site might not be the polished pearl just yet and some of the links might initially seem underpopulated. But don’t bother asking, “When will the site be finished?”

Because the simple answer is, “Never!” 😉

Instead, keep the suggestions coming in. If you find a dead link or something just plain weird, let us know. For example, if you are the first to discover some hidden glitch and tell us below, we’ll even reward you with a free DVD – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.