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What are QR Codes?


The popularity of QR Codes is on the rise, but still a lot of people don’t quite understand what they are.

All that’s about to change. Read on…

First of all, QR stands for Quick Response. The name refers to the speed at which high quantities of data can be read by a scanner. QR Codes are generally square and contain simple black and white blotch patterns, however, variations in colours and styles can be incorporated to represent your brand.

QR Codes can be displayed almost anywhere, from TV shows to print advertising to billboards. They have even been displayed on clothing.

Using a QR Code is simple. All you need is a mobile device with a camera and an app to read the code’s data. There are loads of reader applications available to download to your smartphone, as a simple search will reveal. QR Codes are also omnidirectional, which means they can be presented at any angle and still be read by your handset.

QR Codes enable companies to engage with existing and potential customers through the mobile device, anytime, anywhere. They’re used to reveal more information about a product, service or event. Generally the codes direct folks to a specific URL, video, coupon, event page or email address. If your aim is to drive more traffic to your site or page, QR Codes may be the perfect solution.

So, if you’ve seen QR Codes about and haven’t understood what they are, hopefully you’re now in the loop. If you’re keen to learn more though, feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

Article previously published on the Dynamic Business Blog.

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