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Those music video mad geniuses in OK Go get interactive in latest song


We’ve seen the imaginative guys from OK Go on treadmills. We’ve seen the band channel Rube Goldberg and share the camera with awesome dogs.

For their latest trick, these musical masters of the viral video tried their most daring stunt yet — making a vid dressed in skintight, pond-green unitards look cool.

The human kaleidoscope created in the video for “All Is Not Lost” barely scratches the surface of what the U.S. quartet pulled off this time.

They teamed up again with director/choreographer Trish Sie (band member Damian Kulash’s sister and directed of the treadmill-powered “Here It Goes Again.”) A dance group called Pilobus was brought in to help with the choreography and join the boys in the moves performed on a glass floor — and filmed from below.

Then it gets really interesting. The YouTube video is pretty and all, but the real show only can be seen in a Google Chrome browser. It’s an interactive version of the performance, built with HTML5, that allows the user to type in a message that the dancers spell out at the end of the song.

The presentation is described by the band as a love letter to Japan following that nation’s struggles to regain its footing after the tsunami and nuclear-plant crisis in March.

We simply love commercial creativity. And OK Go seem to have mastered the art of the viral video. Hats off OK Go. (But please keep those leotards on… some of the angles are revealing enough!)

OK Go: “All Is Not Lost”