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Here is a checklist for finding the perfect eLearning authoring tool [SPONSORED]


Talking about why the eLearning industry is seeing rapid growth today seems almost redundant.  We are all aware of the benefits of learning and training digitally.

From the flexibility of time and course structure to higher productivity and retention, it is the perfect solution for corporate training woes.

But still perfecting eLearning course development is thousands of developers’ pain point. If you are one of them, here’s your ultimate checklist to pick the best-suited solution from the authoring tool directory.

Selecting the right authoring tool for your needs is not always an easy task. You often have to work with a number of permutations ranging from its cost to license types and updates. Which can get overwhelming for anyone.

So let’s see what you need to keep in mind to get started.

Financial structure

What to do if your research is telling you that there are many similar authoring tools with considerably varying prices?

Just like any other software, the price of authoring tools also depends upon its features, functionalities, and capabilities. So to make an informed decision,

  • Go through the entire list of features
  • Check for the availability of training resources
  • Look for all the possible additional capabilities of the tool
  • Check for the availability of system upgrades with the technical support team
  • Reach client reviews

Generally, the price of an authoring tool will be made up based on the availability of all the above-mentioned points.

Learning curve

If you have a deadline at your hand in which you have to deliver your eLearning course, you should look for a comparatively simpler to understand authoring tool.

A reliable, quick and effective tool which has the minimum installation time and learning time is going to be your best bet, However, if you are not on a schedule, you can afford to add a couple of weeks to the overall implementation duration.

Compatibility with LMS

Usually, the vendor will provide you with a list of all the learning management system that the authoring tool is compatible with. If they don’t, then ask for it.

Today’s most popular eLearning standards are Tin Can (xARI), SCORM, AICC, and cmi5. If your authoring tool can create courses that support these standards, it will guarantee compatibility with most LMSs.

Gamification and simulations

With gamification being the new rage in the eLearning industry and it having a number of advantages over normal eLearning methods, it is now an important module.

If you want to maximize interactive learning, engagement of your trainees and make your eLearning course more effective, gamification is the best way to do it.

So look for a tool that includes interactive elements like, animations, videos, simulations, quizzes, etc.


Since 40% of corporate professionals rely on their mobile devices to access their eLearning course, having smartphone compatibility should be an important criterion for you to select an authoring tool.

So, ensure that you have the provision for adaptive courses where you can

  • Create them manually but making multiple version of your course to fit different screen sizes and run on different devices. OR
  • Find a special authoring tool that allows you to create a single version that will be automatically compatible with different devices.

Content Library

If you have a lot on your plate for creating your eLearning courses and you want a headstart, go for authoring tools that provide an extensive content library.

You can find templates, controls, icons, characters, images and much more to use. This will trim down your development and time and help you in creating an eLearning course faster than ever.

Lastly, these points will give you the information that you need to start your research for finding the best authoring tool. If you have some more points to add to this list, please let us know in the comments below.

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