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    What’s hot and what’s not

    Let’s face it, sex sells! That’s no great epiphany. But have you ever considered whether or not you have the attractor factor to bring together key support networks and clients? This vital element can be just the thing you need to tip your sales over the edge. And dare I say it, it has everything to do with how you present yourself, personality and looks included.
    Ok, I’m the first one to admit I’m vein. I have no problem in saying that. This can be of help and hindrance. However, in business and in life we all make snap judgements from the moment a person walks in the room. These snap judgements come from how you are dressed to what you say. And if you’re anything like Kevin Rudd, they will all be strategically thought out with next steps carefully planned, especially in the business environment.
    When schmoozing for new business, the way that you look and project can ultimately impact on what kind of results you achieve via your customer and alliance interactions. Just think for a moment. Have you ever met a woman that won’t go out with a man simply because his shoes aren’t clean? I have, and more than one. Business owners and entrepreneurs tend to forget that when they are out and about town conducting meetings and downing latte’s with potential customers, they are the brand. As the brand, key factors need to be addressed to ensure you’re communicating the right types of messages to those that you’d like to attract to your business. These factors combine both personal appearance and behaviours.
    So to assist you with a quick overview of these core elements, here’s my, “what’s hot” and “what’s not” list for when it comes to personal representation.
    What’s hot!
    • A well-designed business suit that is flattering to your body shape and in fashion.
    • A current hair cut that is well maintained.
    • Someone who knows their own style and utilises it as a personal branding exercise (i.e. bright colours, fashionable ties, great posture and outgoing personality).
    • Following up on your projects, phone calls and emails within a reasonable time-frame.
    • Looking refreshed, alive and healthy.
    • Being aware of your own personal journey and respecting that of others.
    • Amazing customer service! (If it exists anymore.)
    • Exuberating energy and passion for your products and services.
    • Knowing how to manage your emotions .
    • Confidence.
    • Arriving at meetings five minutes early to prepare.
    What’s Not!
    • A business suit that is from the seventies
    • Eyebrow hair that dates back to the early John Howard era. No more excuses guy’s, it’s the world of the metro-sexual now.
    • Bad breath. Keep a pack of mints in each suit jacket so you’re never caught out.
    • Uncombed hair or bed hair, this goes for guys and girls!
    • Whingers. I don’t care if you’ve had a bad day, don’t share it with your customers and become a led weight around your colleagues.
    • Body odour. If you sweat profusely you can purchase products like Driclor that stop you from sweating all together, especially in summer.
    • Saying you’re going to do something then not doing it.
    • Looking like you haven’t slept in days, with an attitude to match
    • A Hotmail, Bigpond, Dodo or Gmail email address. All of which make you look cheap.
    Ok, so they sound pretty straight forward, right? Then why on earth do so many people get it so wrong? This can be a combination of factors, including sheer laziness and simply not being aware of what is going on in the first place.
    If you want real honest feedback, hire an image consultant to work you over from top to bottom and assist you in finding a wardrobe that suits your personality. Or alternatively, ask one of your best friends for their honest opinion on how you present when you’re in your business attire, warts and all. You may not like what you hear but its all part of the journey of refining your own personal image and brand.
    Now you may think that I’m harping on about how you look? This is all for good reason. Just think for a moment of what judgements you place on a business consultant who rocks up to a meeting late, smelling of bad breathe, reeking of self-doubt and an Optus account as an email address? (Insert ba bow!) First of all you think subconsciously (or consciously) that he can’t get his own stuff together so how on earth is he going to help you! Is this the image that you are presenting?
    Go over the ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ list and see if you can improve.
    If not, go get ‘em, tiger!
    Ben Angel is the Founding Director of Nationwide Networking, a business networking group that meets monthly to share referrals, access key business knowledge and network with pre-matched business connections.
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