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    Standard business philosophy states that there’s always something to learn from failure. Not so, according to Barry Moltz, author of Bounce! Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success. Moltz believes sometimes failure just sucks. However, he also acknowledges that businesses can continue to succeed if failures can be absorbed and managed.

    Bounce! teaches the reader to accept failure as a normal part of the business process, not necessarily as a tool to be learnt from but a normal facet of any business or life-cycle.

    Moltz shares his tools for surviving this cycle through a combination of his own personal business experiences and those of other entrepreneurs and business leaders – some famous, some not-so-famous.

    One great thing about Moltz is his honesty and willingness to openly discuss his and others’ failures along with successes. From studying and analysing these failures, Moltz has devised a set of ten “building bands” to empower the reader with the confidence to battle through their own failures.

    While some of these “building bands” have philosophical bases, such as the absolute importance of humility to keep your ego in check, others are instructional, including setting patient goals to enable the evaluation of your success and failure.

    There have been a lot of comeback books written about and by business men and women who have been to the bottom and risen, against all odds, to the top. Fortunately, Bounce! is not one of them. Rather than promote his personal struggle through Bounce!, Motlz is able to give the reader an insight into how resilience and endurance can deliver true business confidence, and then equip the reader with the tools needed to ascertain it.

    By Mark Simon and David Simon.
    Messenger Publishing

    aa27-apr-may-2008-book-reviews2Personal discovery and the attainment of wisdom are not exactly unexplored terrain for novels, and Project Sahara – Pressure Point, upon first appearance, bares little point of difference from all that has gone before it. However, scratch the surface and you discover a delightfully intimate account, infused with the sheer lunacy of the journey.

    Mark and David Simon are two ordinary blokes from Sydney who have dabbled in triathlons and enjoy the occasional run. Spontaneously, as a test of personal endurance and growth, they decide to enter the world’s most challenging footrace – the Le Marathon Des Sables.

    Held in the inhospitable Sahara Desert, Le Marathon Des Sables is 200 miles over seven days and has been the death of runners many times more experienced than the Simon brothers.

    Project Sahara – Pressure Point follows the brothers’ preparation as their bond and wisdom grows and their bodies suffer. Inevitably, clashes strain the relationship as the men try to manage their training, businesses and personal lives, but growth and inner-prosperity follow.

    Pressure Point is the first of a trilogy, which will conclude as the men participate in the gruelling foot race. If you are in need of some inspiration, an amusing tale or some down-to-earth business, wisdom grab Pressure Point and hit the ground running.