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WEBINAR: How to turn your knowledge into products… and build a global empire in your underpants!



When: Wednesday 23 May 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your hard earned knowledge could make you the big bucks?

But isn’t this how all industries operate?
The people with the skills get rich and famous?

What planet are you from!?
Seriously. We want to know. Is it far? It sounds like a pretty awesome place.

The truth is that, for most of us, our amazing skills and hard-earned knowledge stays firmly locked in our heads. And the cruel reality is that this common truth is not just restricted to consultants and knowledge workers. It applies to anyone who has accumulated any sort of specialist expertise — whether you’re a lawyer or a florist.

Anthill’s next webinar is all about how to unlock this knowledge and turn it into a product. It’s about how to increase the value of your business and take control of its future. (REGISTER)

Are you a business owner or does your business own you?

Think about it. Are you only as valuable as the number of hours you are available to work? You could be a consultant or a coffee shop owner.

If your business relies on you to open the doors, service clients or work by the hour, you haven’t built a business. You’ve built a 40 hour week coffin that won’t allow you to relax, go on holiday or ever realise the full value of your business if you ever want to sell it.

Successful organisations evolve beyond the founder.

And often the easiest way to kick start this evolution is through the ‘productisation of knowledge and services’. So, why might you want to ‘productise’ your knowledge?

1. You’ll create a new revenue stream – potentially a new market!
2. Productisation allows you to work on your business (rather than in it).
3. Suddenly succession planning is no longer the big deal you feared.

Best of all…

4. Productisation can be used to position you as an industry leader!

Haven’t you ever wondered why some people attract all the opportunities?

Their names come up in conversations. They’re the default ‘go to’ person in their industry. They choose what projects not to work on. And they have more fun!

At this webinar you will learn:

  • The two types of products that every business needs.
  • Four product strategies that DON’T work for small businesses over the long term.
  • How to identity the most valuable intellectual property in your business.
  • Techniques to tap into global distribution partners.

Click this link to register and get started. (REGISTER)

Who is our guest speaker? Daniel Priestley!

Daniel Priestley has built several multi-million dollar businesses, spoken all over the world and is a best-selling author. His product strategy has driven several of his startups to achieve $1m revenues inside the first twelve months.

He’s spoken in ten countries and consulted with businesses in the UK, Singapore and Australia. He is also the founder of the internationally successful Key Person of Influence coaching program. And here’s something that’s also kind of important.

At this webinar, Daniel will share the one sentence that increased the valuation of his business from a £300k to £4.2m in under two years.

What do you need to do? Register and prepare to plugin.

Simply click the link below follow the prompts and you’ll be sent reminders and login details when the time is right.

When: Wednesday 23 May 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary


Here’s the link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/232539817