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Three steps to boosting your conversion rates


Everyone understands how important conversion rates are, right?

Clearly not, or businesses would be doing more to increase theirs on a weekly basis instead of running around like headless chooks promoting to every Tom, Dick and Harry they come across.

Is it that they’ve run out of time to focus on it? Business has become too overwhelming for them? Or, are you (oops, I mean they) simply struggling to grasp the key fundamentals to increasing their conversion rates on and offline?

Here are three of my top tips for increasing your conversion rates – areas where businesses typically fail to provide ample evidence that they are good at what they do, thereby putting their sales and business in jeopardy.

1. Demonstrate Proof

It may sound obvious, but collecting and displaying testimonials in your brochures, email campaigns, proposals and on your website is a key fundamental step required for boosting sales – and yet few do it well.

I recommend you ask every single client that you have ever worked with for a testimonial or recommendation. From there, select a key phrase from the testimonial and highlight that in bold text and display above the ‘complete’ testimonial. Here’s an example from my book, Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business:

“An engaging, well written and very amusing book with practical guidance and ideas”BRW Magazine

This key phrase has been pulled from two paragraphs of content. Select the phrase that will influence your target market the most and ensure you have chosen one that reflects what they are seeking. For ideas, raid your bookshelf and see how others have displayed testimonials on their front or back covers. This is the same method but only utilised in brochures and/or on the web.

Third-party endorsements carry more weight than direct promotions. Ensure that you have scattered testimonials in key areas – areas where prospects are deciding whether or not to purchase from you. The ‘Buy Now’ button on your website or above an enquiry form would be great places to start.

2. Demonstrate Credibility

Social proof is the art of getting the ‘crowd’ and/or your market’s overwhelming acceptance – once again a third-party endorsement but on a larger scale. This may be in the form of obtaining media exposure where the publication endorses and deems you credible enough for state, national or international media coverage.

Prospects then can’t help but ‘perceive’ you as credible because others have endorsed you publicly – an essential part in demonstrating credibility and social proof. Remember, perception is reality on and offline. You must acknowledge this to generate real tangible results.

Social proof can also be demonstrated by strategic (but not overly obvious) name-dropping. Weave into conversations and text the names of the largest and most recognisable organisations that you have worked with, i.e. “Sally has worked with companies such as x, y and z. Her media exposure includes, but is not limited to, a, b and c.”

Demonstrating your credibility upfront assists in gaining interest and buy-in from prospective customers. Without it, convincing them that you are the best at what you do is an uphill battle that many do not win.

Consider this: the overall impressions of you and your business are formed within the first 30 seconds of interaction. This first impression, it has been statistically proven, can take up to eight or more meetings to undo.

Scary, right?

You must integrate the art demonstrating your credibility into a methodical step-by-step marketing approach when speaking with prospects in person or online. Why take the hard route when you can make it seamless and easy for your prospects to buy from you based on your previous street cred?

You’ve already put in the hard work, so it is simply a matter of leveraging it.

3. Make a Bold Guarantee

Consumers are more wary than ever when it comes to trusting companies, particularly online. Make it easier for them by providing a strong guarantee – a guarantee that bowls them over and takes the guess work out of purchasing from you. For example:

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Better than your money back

Guarantees are essential in increasing your conversion rates. If you truly believe in the products or services that you are offering, put your money where your mouth is. It will not only increase your level of customer service but demonstrate to the market that you are a passionate, reliable and trustworthy individual or business.

Focus on increasing your conversion rates and you may just discover that it isn’t an issue of getting to larger markets but, rather, it’s about creating a highly seductive offer to an existing one that’s well within your reach.

Ben Angel’s new  book is Sleeping Your Way to the Top in Business. Learn more at his website, www.benangel.com.au.