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Tear down the new walls: Gavin McGarry [PODCAST]


There’s big money in tearing down traditional barriers between media formats. Just ask Gavin McGarry, who has built a business out of trans-media storytelling. As president of New York-based company Jumpwire Media he says that no one has got it all figured out yet, and there is still plenty of money to be made.

In this podcast, Brad Howarth talks to the new media maven at last week’s X Media Lab’s XML”Film X-tended” conference on 28 and 29 July 2010.

Press play and listen.

XML”Film X-tended”

XML”Film X-tended” explores what digital can bring to a feature film, with a focus on ‘transmedia’: the use of digital platforms to extend narrative and build interactive content around a linear property. Examples include Apps, online extensions, Alternate Reality Games extending the narrative and reach of the film, along with dynamic social media strategies giving audiences the opportunity to connect and participate with characters, filmmakers, and each other.

XML “Film X-tended” consists of two parts: 1) the Pro Day Conference (28th July) for film, screen and digital media professionals for which just 170 places are available; and 2) the Lab itself (29th July) at which selected ‘Film X-tended’ projects work one-on-one with the International Mentors – gaining high-level elite personal consultation and entering into an impeccable international network.