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Feathered entrepreneurs: the fascinating world of crows [VIDEO]


At a cocktail party, Joshua Klein got into a conversation with a friend who was annoyed by crows. More than just annoyed. He loathed them. His friend wanted to eradicate them from his garden for the mess they were making.

Klein thought that a little harsh. He thought there had to be a better way than just killing the crows.

Then, the magic words that so many entrepreneurs love to hear, were spoken.

“That’s impossible.”

Klein spent the next 10 years reading about crows in his spare time. And, as you’d expect, he came up with a fascinating innovation that did train crows to behave differently.

However, what is more remarkable than Klein’s story, are the crows themselves.

I’ve always suspected they were beyond cunning. In this TED video, Klein showcases not only his research but, shares with the amazing world of the crow.

How a crow adapts, learns and creates solutions to problems encountered, without a doubt, makes them a feathered entrepreneur.

Joshua Klein: The amazing intelligence of crows