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Why slicing a cucumber is like running a startup [VIDEO]


Once again, bear with me. I’m about to make a great analogy.

This is a video that involves some rather impressive knife skills.

Not that running a startup should necessarily involve sharp implements. There’s normally enough pain in starting a business, without having to resort to weapons to inflict more pain.

No, this video shows someone cutting a cucumber into a myriad of different shapes. Who knew so much was possible from one piece of fruit. (Yes, cucumber is a fruit.)

And, that’s where the skills displayed in this video are relevant to running a startup.

  • When you’re in a startup you have to be able to turn out lots of versions of products and services, usually from one initial idea.
  • You also need to be highly focused and precise in how you execute.
  • Once you start to really look at a problem, you can find many ways to solve it (or, in this case of a troublesome cucumber, cut it)
  • Sometimes, you even amaze yourself with what you just achieved.
  • Practice makes perfect. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time this person has sliced up a cucumber.
  • You need to have the right tools but, the knowledge can be learned. In this case, it’s a sharp knife. In a startup, it can be how to  sell, how to reach your market, how to build software or manufacture products.

I’m am 99 per cent sure that, once you watch this video, you’ll think of a dozen more parallels between slicing up cucumber to running a startup.

You’re welcome.

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