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Here are 5 modern KPIs to build into your overall business goals [SPONSORED]

Expecting a different result from the same tired strategies should be the last thing you bring into a new decade, so start to implement some new KPIs today.

Engaged employees are key but how exactly do you measure employee engagement?

As businesses know very well, non-engagement leads to resignations, which leads to unnecessary cost and delays. When staff leave, a whole lot of talent and opportunity leaves with them.

AU$56 billion – that’s how much ANZ businesses are losing to unnecessary admin

Kronos, the global leader in workforce management software launched its latest research paper, The $56billion Question which revealed the impact unnecessary administrative tasks has on Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Culture Amp secures $6.3 million in Series A funding from three different VCs in...

People Analytics company Culture Amp, which counts many of the big boys in new tech such as Airbnb, Uber, Pandora, Adobe, Pinterest, Warby Parker,...

Five things that should keep every business owner awake at night

A business’ most valuable asset, employees are the most difficult resource to replace. With 85 per cent of employees either actively looking for another job...

The power of employee engagement is right under your nose

It's been right under our noses the whole time. The not-so-secret solution to increasing Australia’s GDP involves the level of personal involvement of Aussie workers...

Worker Engagement vs. Layoffs? You’d be surprised what works better

Some of our worst fears about unemployment seem to be coming true. But there might be economic salve in engaging with the employees, rather than letting them go en-masse.

Losing staff? Are you investing your talent budget in the right places?

Research shows that during the employee’s first three months, employers make the decision to move employees out in less than 10% of cases. Even fewer employers transition employees between the end of probation and the eighteenth month of their employment. What’s happening with the other 90%?

If you can’t attach your team, you’ll never engage them

The Treasurer Wayne Swan is forecasting 500,000 new jobs, reducing unemployment to 4.5%. While great for the economy, that little number can only serve to send big shudders to anyone involved in recruiting in an industry experiencing acute skill shortages. This prompts talk about employee 'engagement'. But what about that little thing that comes first? Attachment.

Six tips to boost employee engagement

With one in five Australian workers admittedly unhappy at work, those companies that can keep their employees engaged have all sorts of advantages. Here are some tips to help your staff get the most out of themselves.

Do you have engaged employees or clock-watchers (or worse)?

Employee engagement is a measure of what people are thinking and feeling when they arrive at work in the morning — which in turn determines how much effort they’re prepared to invest in their work. So is your company being driven forward by capable and enthusiastic soldiers? Or has it become a gathering station for apathetic or conspiratorial clock-watchers?
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