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The simple way to sell more: Get crunchy with your value

Great sales people know how to get listened to and get people to act. Do you want to know how it’s done?

Little known ways to help your customer make a decision

Creating a website for your business is a great way to establish an online presence. However, don’t just expect that launching a business website...

What can CRM software do for your customer count? Well, a heap of good...

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the primary tool in any customer service representative’s toolbox. This software collects important customer information like name, demographic information, purchase history, blood type, shoe size – wait, okay never mind the last two.To some it may be a surprise, but CRM systems that are integrated with your website can track customer’s search history, time spent online, operating systems, and connection speeds.

4 ways the Sports Industry (or any business for that matter) can influence 2013...

What becomes apparent as you read this summary is how much this relates to brands of any kind, in any industry. It’s all a matter of knowing who and what influences your real market and how your brand can best leverage this.

How much does your site search suck? [VIDEO]

Lots of companies invest heavily in search marketing. However, one form is searching is often overlooked, and it leaves customers confused and frustrated.

What if shopping in real life was like shopping online? [VIDEO]

It should be a great experience, right? Wrong. There is really only one store that I can think of that makes shopping online easy, too easy....

The tale of two Christmas deliveries that went wrong, and what happened next

It's a busy time of year. But, if you're a retailer and happily enjoy the boom of Christmas sales, ensure you're delivering on, well, delivery. This is the tale of two Christmas deliveries that went wrong.

Marketing 101: Don’t take things away from your customers

It’s not often that I think Virgin make mistakes. Normally, I think its customer service; advertising and general corporate behaviour makes it a company that should be followed. However, I don’t feel that way today. I think the company has made a blunder, one that will affect thousands of loyal airline customers.

Are mobile websites really that important?

There's no question that mobile devices have become a staple in everyday living around the world. Now more than ever it's important that websites be optimized for mobile devices. But, do you really need a website specifically for mobile cusomers?

Fighting the fear of judgement. How to get back your creative mojo and change...

Remember the time that someone, be it a teacher, friend, classmate, parent or a complete random stranger, shattered your creative confidence. You were told your drawing looked nothing like a castle. Or maybe that your idea would never work. As an entrepreneur, you can face this situation often.

Digital Relationship Marketing: 6 common mistakes and how to fix them

Everyone knows that happy loyal customers are the key to business success. These days with everyone emailing, Facebooking and tweeting it is easy to assume that as a regular user of technology you’re well equipped to implement a Digital Relationship Marketing (DRM) strategy. However, if you think your company’s DRM program is safe in the hands of just anyone, it may be worth considering the following common mistakes that are often made.

Five things I’ve learned about consumer behaviour (that contradict everything you’ve been taught)

After four years at the healm of business reviews website WOMOW.com.au, Fiona Adler has learnt lots of things along the way – not the least of which are some surprising insights about consumer behaviour. Having access to so much customer satisfaction data has changed her way of thinking about consumers – and changed it for the better. Here are her five lessons to change the way you think about consumer behaviour too.

What’s on your business Bucket List for 2011?

How many times have you heard people say, “I’ll wait for the economy to pick-up” or “I’m getting ready for the next big wave”? If you only had a year to improve your business and get it running like a well-oiled, profit-making machine, would you sit and wait for the optimal external factors to arise?

What do you use your computer for? “Work. You know, email and stuff.” (Good...

Your computer is dead and you need to buy a new one. Well, have you actually taken the time to think about what you use a computer for? “Work. You know, email and stuff,” is not a proper answer.

Grin and win: Friendly service is small business’ secret weapon against big competitors

Friendly service is the secret weapon for local businesses looking to attract customers away from large retailers and firms, according to a new survey by American Express.

Grin and win: Friendly service is small business' secret weapon against big competitors

Friendly service is the secret weapon for local businesses looking to attract customers away from large retailers and firms, according to a new survey by American Express.

10 ways to build a list

Whether selling a product or service, every business needs to attract people to its offerings and encourage them to take action. There are easy ways you can build your list of opt-in customers and community members. Start with these 10 actions:

Harness the long-lost ritual of seductive storytelling

Storytelling is a highly effective way to draw customers into your organisation, but how do you apply it in your business?

Your fear of raising your prices is costing you money

Most small business owners think that pricing low will win them more customers. This is simply supply and demand logic and there is an element of truth in it. However, there are some complicating factors that tend to make this strategy the least effective competitive strategy for business success.

What do we want? Shiny objects! When do we want them? NOW!

“All humans want is to touch and own shiny objects. I am pretty sure it is hard-wired into our brains right alongside breathing, pumping blood, sex and sleeping. You might think you’re above all that, but you’re not.
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The Facebook Honey Trap with James Tuckerman [CHEAT SHEET]

This cheat sheet was developed to help small business operators harness the incomparable (and undeniable) potency of Facebook to recruit fans, spread the word, and (most importantly) generate inbound business.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...