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This Sydney startup is defining a new approach to music using blockchain tech


Zimrii, a new digital music platform, built on the emerging potential of blockchain technology, is a revolutionary software product designed to solve current music industry problems whereby artists and musicians who create the music, are unfairly rewarded for their efforts.

The Zimrii Platform seeks to turn the music value chain more in favour of the artists and away from the various music intermediaries who dilute the potential earnings of the artist.

The rise of the independent artists is forging new careers for creative people to maximise their talents and allow us to continue to hear and appreciate their new music. Zimrii is a unique music platform, built using the emerging potential of BlockChain Technology, which seeks to put the power of this technology into their hands of musicians through the use of smart contracts.

What exactly does Zimrii have to offer?

Whether you are looking to discover new innovative ways to connect with your fan base, to develop and sustain a music career or maximise the commercial potential of your music, The Zimrii music platform provides an efficient and convenient mechanism to deliver a unique experience.

BlockChain Technology: Providing the technological backbone to the Zimrii Platform, BlockChain Technology provides a new direction with the creation of a distributed database technology platform providing transparency, trust, and reliability.

Smart Contracts: It usually takes months for musicians to receive their copyright payment of royalties. With The Zimrii platform, payment from the sale of your music is received in minutes not months. These smart contracts allow you to efficiently and automatically reward others in your collaboration process.

Evidence of Copyright: The Zimrii platform provides a solid an effective way for you to record evidence of your music copyright on the BlockChain, providing a cast iron record of it. Only you control your copyright and who gets access to it.

Crowdfunding: It can be difficult raising money to fund your music projects. Zimrii’s innovative approach allows you to crowd fund by assigning rights to your music to your loyal fans to invest in. When your music does well, so do your fans creating lasting loyalty to your music.

Analytics: The platform provides you with detailed information across a broad range of metrics so you can efficiently monitor the ongoing success of your music sales and other key areas of your music business.

What is the story behind Zimrii?

Based in Sydney, the Zimrii Music Platform was co-founded in 2016 by Mo Jalloh (CEO) and Paolo Gava (CTO). A qualified accountant, Mo has previously worked for global investment banks, started an IT managed services business in the UK and also developed a social media intelligence start-up in Sydney. Paolo’s background is as a software engineer and developer having over 20 years’ experience in designing and developing software for start-ups through to larger organisations.

Paolo and Mo met through a start-up organisation matching co-founders from a business and technical background to come together to form businesses. “We both had a particular interest in BlockChain technology, mine as a result of previous experience with crypto currencies. We both saw the potential of the technology right from our initial discussions together,” Mo told Anthill.

Paolo Gava
Paolo Gava

“I have a number of friends who are in music bands and often discussed the issues of being successful within the current music model – a business model where artists tend to receive a small fraction of the wealth generated from music sales, not receiving full entitlement to copyright royalties and problems of raising money to produce music and go on tour,” he went to reveal about the inspiration behind the business.

“The realisation came from wanting to develop a platform that would help my friends and others to make a living from their talents knowing all the hard work they put in in developing their craft. BlockChain provides an approach to help make that a reality.”

“We have raised seed funding from investors in the UK to enable us to develop the beta product and are looking into an ICO (initial coin offering) as an alternative means of raising finance to develop version 1 of the product. We will then seek (if needed) VC funding as the start-up scales,” Mo said, about how the startup has been funded so far.