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Support Australian kidpreneurs this festive season and torture their mentors, just for fun!


At thirteen years old serial entrepreneur Creel Price started his first business and years on he is helping develop Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Club Kidpreneur is a social enterprise that provides entrepreneurial training and business coaching to 8 – 12 year olds who want to launch their first business.

After piloting the idea and refining the model, Club Kidpreneur is ready to scale with nine Camp Kidpreneur programs happening across Australia this January.

To make sure the program is accessible to all of Australia’s budding Kidpreneurs, the team at Club Kidpreneur have launched its first ever crowd-funding campaign called Camp for Camp on Indiegogo.

Price has committed to sleeping in a tent until Club Kidprenuer raises $37,500 to send 100 disadvantaged Aussie kids to Camp Kidpreneur.

It’s 15 days in and so far Creel has slept in his tent through storms, on a plane enroute to South Africa and best of all amongst the lions, elephants and rhinos at Ulusaba Game Reserve.

As if that is not crazy enough, some of the other Club Kidpreneur mentors are jumping in on the action with one of our Anthill contributors and avid Club Kidpreneur Mentor Alex Pirouz has committed to walk 100km over New Years Eve in an effort to raise $1,125 for the campaign.

One of the great features of Crowd Funding is that you can offer perks for different levels of contribution to your campaign.

These acts as an incentive for donors but in the case of the Camp for Camp campaign; it also presents an opportunity to inflict more pain on an unsuspecting Price.

A donation of $750 sends two kids to camp and makes Price sleep without a pillow for the night.

A donation of $1,875 sends five kids to camp and launches a WaterBomb Strike on Creel’s tent; all of which will be captured on video for your entertainment.

Want to join in the torture some current, successful entrepreneurs for the entertainment and education of the next generation of entrepreneurs?

It’s simple. Head to the Camp for Camp Campaign on Indiegogo. Make your donation. Share it with your friends and colleagues.

Every donation counts! It’s the great bit of Seasonal giving. And, you too can be a seed investor in 100 new Aussie start-ups and help foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in Aussie kids.