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Sunny Queen cracks the commercial market with launch of ready meal solutions


Beneath the smiley face of contentment on Sunny Queen’s eggs lies a much bigger ambition. The company has cracked the shells of the commercial market with its range of ready meal solutions, and businesses can now look forward to having more eggs on the menu.

A multi-million dollar venture

Sunny Queen has invested millions of dollars in this new venture. A $23 million new facility has been built in Carole Park, Qld, to ensure state of the art production and to meet the demands that the company believes will play a major part in the future of the egg industry.

We are very proud of our history in the shell egg market,” explained Sunny Queen Managing Director John O’Hara, “and this will continue to be a major part of our business. However we need to look to the future and there is an increasing need for commercial operations to be able to produce egg dishes in a safe and convenient manner.

“Our meal solutions are meeting that need and we see this as an important growth channel for our company as a whole.”

According to O’Hara, the egg industry is worth $1.7 billion to the Australian economy and Sunny Queen has been a key player since 1969. While the company is no stranger in the pre-prepared egg products category, its meal solutions venture represents an important step in its commitment to developing a broadening range of innovative products on a regular basis for a wider commercial market.

“It was a natural extension to our business,” explained Mr O’Hara. “We are already renowned for producing fresh shell eggs. Now we can also deliver pre-prepared products that will save businesses both time and money.”

Deviled, scrambled, or poached?

The Meal Solutions commercial range features, amongst others, gourmet omelettes, scrambled egg mixes, egg bakes, and poached eggs. It is planned that new products will be developed on a regular basis throughout the year and the company expects its target markets to include health and aged care services, food services companies catering for large groups such as the defence force, mining companies, workplace cafeterias and airlines. Restaurants and schools are also expected to be key markets for the new venture.

And, with concern over health safety in the catering market at a current high, Sunny Queen seems right on the ball.

“Safety has always been a key concern,” explained O’Hara, “and the recent health incidents have just brought home how important this issue remains in the commercial industry.

“We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure our products are made with the freshest ingredients, taste great, and are safe,” he continued. “We understand the need for commercial outlets to be able to provide nutritious products, such as eggs, but to feel confident that all quality control standards have been met without sacrificing the look and taste of the end result.”

“This is an exciting time for our company,” added Mr O’Hara. “We believe we have developed an innovative solution to a long standing problem. Now we look forward to seeing commercial kitchens delivering egg dishes to their customers with confidence and pride.”