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Medicinal cannabis startup Greenfield MC Global launches equity crowdfunding round


Greenfield MC Global recently launched its equity crowd-sourced funding (CSF).  After the success of Series A and B investment, the next round is suited to the overwhelming number of smaller investors who expressed interest in participating in the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis industry.

Poised to become one of Asia-Pacific’s leading medicinal cannabis companies, Greenfield MC is focused on the cultivation, development and distribution of pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis products. 

“Greenfield envisions a new era in patient care – one that offers natural cannabinoid-based medicines as a potential alternative to synthetic and opiate-based drugs,” explains A/Professor, Dr Sree Appu, Chief Medical Officer, Greenfield MC Global.

“There is considerable patient demand for medicinal cannabis, coinciding with growing and substantial evidence based research on its efficacy in multiple disease areas, including neurology, pain, oncology, auto-immune and mental health,” he continued.

Patient growth continues at an exponential rate with an additional 15,000 to 20,000 new patients expected to enter the medicinal cannabis market in Australia in the next twelve months and the industry estimated to be worth US$150bn., globally, by 2025.

“These are exciting times both for the medical industry and for the choices it offers patients.”

What next for Greenfield MC?

With research planned in New Zealand and the Philippines, and access to genetics and commercial growing expertise through its partnership with Canada’s EPHS Holdings Inc. (STNN:US), Greenfield MC has a clear and realisable pathway to revenue that includes eco-sustainable cultivation, importation and distribution across multiple Asia-Pacific markets.  

Backed-up by a world-class team of leading medical specialists and global pharmaceutical executives, Greenfield MC understands opportunities medicinal cannabis brings for the medical industry and improvements in patient care.

 “There has been terrific interest from investors; by adopting CSF for this round of capital raising, the many smaller investors who’ve previously expressed interest will be able to participate,” said Arjun Chhabra, Chairman and President, Greenfield MC Global.

The funding will be hosted online and run by Capital Labs, a member of The iQ Group Global, an authorised and Australian-licensed CSF platform.

Capital Labs provides curated investment opportunities in innovative businesses that will have a positive impact on the world. The platform offers retail investors access to early-stage investment opportunities that have been carefully researched and vetted.

 “We’re delighted to have Greenfield MC as our partner for the launch of their next investment phase and to be able to provide Australians with the opportunity to join them on their mission to improve patient care,” said Joseph Barry, Capital Labs Head of Marketing. The Greenfield MC CSF offering can be viewed at capitallabs.com/greenfieldmc