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Here are 10 team-building games you should try playing with your employees [SPONSORED]


Companies from all over the world have been known to embrace team building games as a way to motivate and encourage employees.

In Australia, many companies engage their teams in both indoor games as well as outdoor activities to motivate them. 

In some companies, they have also installed game rooms within their premises, as well as put up office games. You may find the best dart board in an office rather than the local tavern.

Here you will read about some great games for companies that have gained popularity in Australia.

Top indoor games for companies

These are more preferred by companies since they can be easily installed and played in the office. They are very suitable for companies where employees work very long hours to break the monotony. They can also be used to promote and enhance healthy competition among employees, hence, to increase productivity.

1. Dart board

This is very effective in companies where the workload is a lot and employees easily get stressed. If centrally placed, employees can always take a throw at the dartboard during their lunch breaks and this has been known to reduce stress. It also gives employees a way to release their frustrations in a healthy way.

2. Problem-solving boards

This is an amazing idea for companies. It can be interdepartmental where any department can post their problem on a centrally placed board and other departments can compete to try and give them the best ideas to solve that problem. After solving, having mini celebrations like pizza or free coffee keeps the employees motivated.

3. Trivia

This can be done within the company premises after work or you can agree with your employees to meet outside in a more relaxed environment. Encourage employees to team up and compete in trivia and have small rewards such as coupons or gift vouchers for the winners.

4. Search and zoom

This involves pictures that tell a narrative. It encourages employees to pay attention to their surroundings and work together. The pictures are distributed among employees and none are supposed to reveal what they have. Employees are supposed to create a story with their pictures without sharing what they have by placing their pictures one after the other until the narrative is complete.

5.  Barter puzzle

This is a game that can be played during a lunch break or in the evening after work. The employees divide into two teams, and each team gets a jigsaw puzzle of equal complexity. They compete who will put all the pieces together in the least time possible. You can mix pieces and the teams have to come up with ways to get back their pieces. It trains on negotiations, trading strategies, and problem-solving.

Top outdoor games for companies

These will require the company to organize team building days. This may be locally or with a trip and can be within one company or with related or competing companies.

6.  Scavenger hunt

The teams are divided depending on departments or the total strengths of participants. Each team is given items to find and the deadline. The team that collects their items fastest and within deadline wins. Items can be listed directly, using riddles, clues or even twists and problems to be solved.

7.  Outthink and outplay

This is a game that is meant to enhance creativity and critical thinking. The teams receive instructions, money, and a map of the local area. They are to select activities to take part in and complete as many as possible. Activities are spread across so the team has to decide which combination can be completed on time. The team can then finally meet in a casino where they are to gamble wisely the money received from activities to try and earn more. The team with most activities and most money at the end of the day wins.

8.  Sand sculpting

This is more common among companies that are located along the beaches. It involves employees in teams competing to make the best sculpture in the sand with only their hands. It encourages creativity and promotes hands-on skills.

9.  Egg drop

This quite an interesting game. It can be played using two different modes, employees are divided into teams, and they choose one member to hold an uncooked egg on a spoon, hold the spoon with their teeth and compete in a race either 100 meters or 200 meters. The first one to get to the finish line without breaking egg wins on behalf of the team. It can also be played in a different mode where teams are expected to build a package for the uncooked egg to drop safely down two to four storeys.

10.  Minefield

This is a game that is played in an open area in teams of three to five members. The field is set at start and finish points. In between toys and handheld, objects are placed randomly. Each team is to pick a competitor and blindfold them the rest of the team is then to guide their blindfolded member from the start to finish without stepping on any of the objects. The team that guides their members to the end within the shortest time without stepping on any object wins.

All these games are very helpful in building amazing character and instills values and skills in the employees.

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