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Silicon Valley’s Lean Startup Methodology is coming to Australasia for the first time ever


Wellington’s start-up base Creative HQ recently announced LEAN 15, a conference on Lean Startup Methodology and Lean Enterprise, taking place in Wellington this October 5th to 7th.

The three-day event revolves around disruptive innovation and the use of The Lean Startup Methodology in large organisations and start-ups alike.

Coined by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries, Lean Startup Methodology provides a simple framework for companies and governments to maximise impact using minimal resources, at extreme pace.

The idea is to provide advice for innovating in the face of rapid change and technology disruption, that is, how to think and act more like a start-up no matter how big you get.

Creative HQ, which offers incubation and acceleration programmes, as well as grassroots entrepreneur initiatives and innovation services, has been utilising Lean Startup Methodology with its ventures for over 10 years and CEO Stefan Korn (pictured) sees a far wider application than just start-ups.

“Corporates and government have just as much, if not more to gain from working Lean – including learning how to move at rapidly, scale efficiently and operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty.”

What should you expect at LEAN 15?

Proudly supported by Callaghan Innovation, Grow Wellington and Deloitte, the conference will bring together six of the world’s leading experts together on The Lean Startup Methodology to share the case studies and actionable processes that are currently shaping the future of business.

Keynote speakers include US-based Lean experts David Bland, Alistair Croll and Josh Seiden who work with Fortune 500 companies and the US Government on the implementation of Lean innovation practices in large organisations.

The conference will include a blend of best practice keynotes and hands-on workshops, aimed at providing a range of support for those who are new to Lean Startup, seasoned practitioners who want a deeper dive, and decision makers in large organisations looking for new ways to innovate.

“Lean Startup Methodology is tried and tested in the Northern Hemisphere but still a relatively new concept in Australasia”, says Callaghan Innovation’s Business Acceleration Manager Cath Hopkin.

“We are keen to see the impact this kind of thinking will have on organisations aiming to stay competitive in the face of highly dynamic market forces.”

Early bird tickets are currently on sale (for a limited time), with workshop only or full conference tickets both available. For more information about the conference programme, visit lean15.co.nz or contact conference organiser David Allen directly at [email protected]