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Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Australia 2010


The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious awards for business and entrepreneurship in Australia. The purpose of the Entrepreneur of the Year award is to recognise excellence in entrepreneurial achievement and business leadership. Established internationally twenty-four years ago, the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest is currently held in over 50 different countries.

Sponsors 2010

Primary Sponsor: Westpac
Sponsor: QANTAS
Supporter: Commonwealth Government of Australia

Entrepreneur of Year Award Benefits

Established in Australia in 2001, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year award gives Australian entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and meet with like minded business people and to showcase the excellence of their organisation on national and international stage. Over 800 Australian entrepreneurs have been recognised with this award as it goes into its 10th year. Participants are also invited to attend networking and educational events associated with the contest.

Award Dates & Deadlines 2010

March 26: Nominations close
April 30: Final Nominees Confirmed
May-June: Regional Judging
July-September: Regional Awards Gala
September 17: National Interview Forms Due
October: Regional Send-off Dinners
October 28: Master Class Workshop and National Judging at Ernst & Young, Sydney
November 25: National Award Ceremonies

Are you elegible? (Eligibility & Criteria)

In order to be an eligible nominee for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the nominee must be involved with either a:

Privately Held Business

The nominee is an owner-manager that is primarily responsible for the performance of a privately held business that has been in operation for at least two years

Listed Company

The nominee is a founder of a listed company who is actively involved in the management of the company or retains 51% ownership of the company.

The nominee is an entrepreneur primarily responsible for the performance of the business for a minimum of 2 years and the nominee must also be a significant shareholder in the company.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award Categories

Competitive Awards:

1)    Cleantech: The entrepreneur’s company involves technology addressing climate change.

2)    Listed: The entrepreneur is responsible for the performance of a listed company, or is founder who actively manages the company and who retains majority ownership.

3)    Products: Entrepreneurs, who operate product companies, in all industries, are eligible.

4)    Services: Entrepreneurs, who operate service companies, in all industries, are eligible.

5)    Technology and emerging industries: This category includes entrepreneurs who operate companies involving high technology, e-commerce or within an emerging market.

6)    Young: The entrepreneur is 35 years or younger as of June 30, 2010

Recognition Awards

1)   Social: This award recognizes leadership in a social enterprise that benefits the community. This is a non-competitive award at the regional level, competitive at the national level.

2)  Champion of Entrepreneurship: This is a non-competitive award recognizing a long record of      entrepreneurial achievement and recognizes Australian business leaders who had an impact in the Australian business community. This award is awarded to an individual at both the regional and national level.

How to enter the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award

To begin the process and applicant must complete of a registration of interest form.  A link to this form can be found online www.ey.com/au/eoy or by contacting an Entrepreneur of the Year representative for your region. A completed form can either be scanned and e-mailed to [email protected] or mailed to Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young GPO Box 2646 Sydney, NSW, 2001. The applicant will be contacted to complete a nomination form and it must be submitted by March 26, 2010. Further questions can be directed to Caroline King, Marketing Manager, in the contact list below.

In April, all nomination applications will go through consideration for each region. There are five regions in Australia: Eastern Region (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales), Central Region (South Australia and Northern Territory), Northern Region (Queensland), Southern Region (Tasmania and Victoria) and Western Region (Western Australia). The final nominees in each region will be announced on April 30, 2010.

In the months of May and June, regional judging will take place. Each nominee will be interviewed by a regional panel. There are six criteria used to determine an award winner; entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, innovation, national/global impact, personal integrity/influence and strategic direction. Each nominee will also be booked for photography and filming sessions.

From July to September there will be gala receptions in each region where regional award winners are announced for each of the six competitive categories. Regional recognition awards will also be presented. Regional award winners are eligible to compete for the national award in their category. Each regional award winner will be required to expand information on criteria on their nomination form and complete a national interview form by September 17, 2010.

In October there will be an informal send-off dinner event for each region that will allow regional award winners to meet again and to prepare for national competition. On October 28 there will be a full day workshop for all national award nominees at the Ernst & Young office in Sydney. The national judging will also take place that day with one on one interview with each nominee by the panel of judges.

The judges will choose a national award winner for each category and they will also select one nominee to be the winner of Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2010. The National Awards ceremony will take place on November 25th. The award winner for Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award will be eligible to compete for the Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award that is held in Monte Carlo.

Contact E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Website: www.ey.com/au/eoy

Email: [email protected]


Jon Dobell

National Director, Entrepreneur of the Year
Tel: +61 2 8295 6949

Caroline King
Senior Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur of the Year
Tel: +61 2 9248 4142

[email protected]


Eastern Region (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales)
Samantha Peters
Tel: +61 2 8295 6484
Fax: +61 2 9248 5231

Central Region (South Australia and the Northern Territory)
Stephanie Bryant
Tel: +61 8 8417 1745
Fax: +61 8 8417 1706

Northern Region: (Queensland)
Angela Mendoza
Tel: +61 7 3243 3634
Fax: +61 7 3011 3100

Southern Region: (Tasmania and Victoria)
Kristy Sadlier
Tel: +61 3 9655 2633
Fax: +61 3 9655 2782

Western Region: (Western Australia)
Nikki Hauville
Tel: +61 8 9217 1276
Fax: +61 8 9429 2434