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Do you really need a cofounder or can you go it alone? [VIDEO]


Some of the most successful startups and tech companies have have two founders – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple), Larry Page and Serge Brin (Google), Jerry Yang and David Filo (Yahoo!), Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Microsoft), Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (Hewlett Packard).

Then, there’s the likes of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s) and even William Proctor and James Gamble (Proctor & Gamble).

Sometimes, you get an entrepreneur who is successful as a solo front person like Richard Branson (Virgin) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon), but there was an impressive team behind both that helped create their great businesses.

Then, there are companies like Twitter that had four co-founders – Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Noah Glass.

So, what’s the view from Silicon Valley? Do you need a co-founder? If so, do you need more than one?

In this video from This week in Startups, this topic is discussed in great detail. You’ll hear from serial entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists who will explain their views and share their co-founder knowledge.

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Do you need a co-founder for your startup?