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Why introverts make great entrepreneurs [VIDEO]


Well, why wouldn’t they? There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert.

There has been recent research about mavericks, or extroverts, being more likely to be entrepreneurs. Don’t miss the key phrase ‘more likely to be entrepreneurs’.

This does not mean that they are the only ones who are entrepreneurs. The introverted entrepreneur is not as rare as you might think.

Susan Cain, a former lawyer, argues with passion in this TED presentation that, in a world where being outgoing is viewed as a highly desirable personality trait, it’s okay to be an introvert.

She explains that the perception of her, as a lawyer who has worked for companies including JP Morgan, General Electric and Merrill Lynch, is that she would have to be a hard-core, self confident person. Yet, as a self-confessed introvert, she is the opposite to what most expect. Plus, she knows she owes her success to being just that, a soft-spoken, thoughtful, introvert who prefers to listen, not talk.

Cain, in a passionate, albeit quiet argument, calls for introverts to be recognised and encouraged to bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, not made to feel ashamed of their differences to extroverts.

Introverts, she explains, are wildly misunderstood. Being an introvert is not about being shy. It’s about how you respond to stimulus. Introverts feel their most alive, their most engaged and creative in quieter, more low-key environments. And there is nothing wrong with that — except most workplaces and classrooms are designed to reward extroverts.

Cain’s thoughtful request for recognition, is a quietly spoken call to all introverts to be proud of their differences and their contributions to the world.

Introverts. Stand up and be counted.

The power of introverts: Susan Cain